educational television

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educational television:

see audiovisual educationaudiovisual education,
educational instruction by means of materials that use the senses of sight and hearing to stimulate and enrich learning experiences. The successful use of motion pictures and other visual aids in the U.S.
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"The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) and its former foundation partner, OETA Foundation, Inc.
The research found that there is information to suggest that educational television programs, can aid in the achievement of general knowledge plus improve overall mental knowledge among young children.
Forsyth was a member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, attending Bible study groups, watching educational television and traveling in her younger years while working for foreign services.
The project is the first digital educational television in the country.
Some studies suggested a small negative link between the total hours a child spends viewing television and the child's academic achievement, and suggest that viewing educational television is positively linked with academic achievement.
Educational television will educate masses on hygiene, literacy, child care and farming methods or on any topic related to day to day happenings".
Having originally studied at Glasgow School of Art, she dreamed of being a painter, but it was the offer of a job in educational television that opened up a whole new professional path.
The main goals of the 'Culture and Enlightenment' TV channel are the creation of highly informative, popular scientific, cultural and educational television programs aimed at improving the cultural and educational level of the population.
Israeli airstrike at a car killed two cameramen with al-Aqsa satellite station and a second strike killed the director of Al-Quds Educational Television.
has cancelled millions of dollars in funding for a project to develop a Pakistani version of the popular American children's educational television program "Sesame Street," following allegations of corruption against the local puppet theater partnering on the project.
Don't miss this chance to hear Yong Zhao, best-selling author of Catching Up or Leading the Way (ASCD 2009), and Bill Nye, who is most famous for his educational television show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy," and has been named as the new executive director of the Planetary Society.
We were also very pleased to renew our contract to operate the Fujian Educational Television Channel (FETV) for an additional five years, which secures an important vehicle for promoting our tourism assets and enhances visibility on future cash flows to support our growth.'

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