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eff] denotes effective capacitance, which represents overall capacitances that should be charged and discharged during a cycle, and it could be used as quantitative measure of dynamic energy.
Tenders are invited for Lt Power Capacitor Heavy Duty Made Of Matalised Poly Propylene Having Rated Voltage Of 525 Volts Suitable To Offer An Effective Capacitance Of 25 Kvar While Operating On 3 Phase, 440V, 50 Hz Ac Supply As Per Is 13340 / 1993 Or Latest.
s], which is much lower than other resistances, and by using Brug's approach, the effective capacitance [C.
The effective capacitance and inductance can be calculated and approximated in a single SRR.
A dielectric layer beneath the metallic bridge and above the striplines and actuating contact increases the effective capacitance.
TABLE I CHARACTERISTICS FOR THE LARGE TYPE 1, 2 AND 3 VARACTORS Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Size of structure (A) ([micro]m) 200 x 200 500 x 500 300 x 300 Effective capacitance area ([A.
1, yields an effective capacitance reduction of up to 40 percent.
The water uptake in the composite coating was measured using the effective capacitance by the EIS method, and the effective water coefficients for the composite coating were calculated based on the developed mathematical models.
1(b), where the effective inductance L results from the currents flowing in the grounding vias and the effective capacitance C from the electric fields between adjacent metal patches.
The effective capacitance of the CMUT cell can be found from the relationship between the capacitance and stored energy

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