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Other limiting factors, such as relief from slightly wavy to tightly curled, walking short effective depth, low fertility, rockiness, stoniness, and presence of gullies gravillosidad are added.
There are also videos of the SafePath (tm) wheelchair, which is a migration of the CareBot AI centric navigation system to a standard power wheelchair, and recently developed cost effective depth cameras were used in this recent configuration.
In this study, using the basic principle of mechanics and calibrating against the factors of the effective depth and slenderness ratio, an equation for predicting diagonal cracking strength is proposed for both normal and high strength concrete beams.
c] is the compressive strength of concrete in MPa and c/d is the ratio of neutral axis depth to effective depth, which is the positive root of the second order equation given by Eq.
In the latter case, an effective semi-elliptical flaw is based on the effective length and the area of the worst flaw identified by an RSTRENG-type analysis, recalculated to give an effective depth for a semi-elliptical flaw of the same effective area and failure stress [Jaske and Beavers 2002, Jaske et al.
Another convention of penetration is called effective depth of penetration, which is the depth at which the eddy current is 5% of the surface value, or basically the end of the material's effect on the test.
This paper demonstrates that the effective depth scanned by the use of successive measurements from a multiple-pole arrangement can be substantially increased.
Plus the option of the Pond Pad Floater (PPF), a plastic frame into which a pad is clipped before the weighted frame is suspended in the water at the most effective depth.
Other factors affecting the feed are summarized into a single parameter called the effective depth of cut.
Columbus Township, subject to the same intensity in agriculture, today presents problems of compaction, loss of natural fertility and low effective depth.
Readings were taken at N=1 to 7 separations allowing an effective depth penetration of approximately 400 metres.
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