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It provides an integrated platform for storing and managing all patient and treatment plan data, allowing clinicians to securely and seamlessly access the data they need to drive efficient, informed, effective radiation treatments.
This compares with an effective radiation dose equivalent of (0.
14) International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) in 2007 published new factor values for specific organs and tissues while calculating the effective radiation doses.
Measurements show the beam-steering system presents effective radiation characteristics with scanning capabilities from broadside toward 29[degrees] in the H-plane.
Accurate assessment of patient effective radiation dose and associated detriment risk from radiofrequency catheter ablation procedures.
Total effective radiation dose from spiral CT and conventional radiography of the pelvis with regard to fracture classification.
Each time a pediatric patient undergoes a procedure with a radiation-dependent modality, the effective radiation dose is added to the total effective exposure.
6 minutes at 30,000 feet receive the same amount of UV-A [cancer-causing] effective radiation as that from a 20-minute tanning bed session," the authors write in the paper.
Core products revolve around less-invasive image guided surgery technology, more accurate and effective radiation therapy, and integration through planning and collaboration systems that bring patient data and physicians together.
We think the most important single take-away point for concerned passengers is to keep an appropriate perspective: the effective radiation dose received by a passenger during screening is comparable to what that same passenger will receive in 12 seconds during the flight itself or from two minutes of natural radiation exposure," he added.
SUR] (for a range of air temperature from 0 to -10 [degrees]C) was estimated using the air temperature and humidity, wind velocity at 2 m, thickness and thermal conductivity of ice and snow and effective radiation (Piotrovich 1968):

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