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Sunglasses are a effective wind barrier and can reduce the rate of evaporation of tears.
I READ with interest all the letters in your postbag and articles that appear and am still not clear of the true situation as to how effective wind turbines are in combating global warming.
Each of its three wings travels upward with a slightly different geometry and terminates at a different height from the other two, all of which further reduces effective wind forces by preventing vortexes from organizing around the building.
GE announced today that it has acquired Next-Generation Wind Turbine Tower Technology from Wind Tower Systems, which is expected to enable the company to produce taller, more effective wind turbine towers in response to increasing blade lengths.
And for your comfort, Bluetooth, climate control, bi-xenon headlights and a very effective wind deflector are all part of the entry-level package.
There is an effective wind deflector behind the driver and front passenger but this cannot be used when there are rear passengers.
Initial estimates put the cost of an effective wind energy scheme, both in Scotland and in England and Wales at pounds 1.
Put in blocks 18in apart for effective wind pollination.
The wind deployment centre is being promoted as a strategic project for spearheading cost effective wind power development with the use of the latest technologies.
The goal is to build an affordable, reliable, and effective wind turbine that works as well in urban areas as they do anywhere," says Ronald Gdovic, the company founder.
Sunglasses are a very effective wind barrier and can reduce the rate of evaporation of tears.
The word "industry" is used advisedly because ( at the moment ( there are major question marks over just how effective wind power will be ( or can ever be ( in helping meet our energy needs.
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