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a yell of panic when the boy, with a gleam of mischief in his eyes, threw out amongst them a worm-eaten, hideous effigy and with a hearty kick stove in its hollow side.
Over the doorway is a wooden effigy, about half life-size, representing Mr.
Every morning--as Penelope herself owned to me-- there was the man whom the women couldn't do without, looking on, in effigy, while Miss Rachel was having her hair combed.
A couple of tall poplars and a few other trees stood grouped on the clean, dark gravel, and under them a few garden benches and a bronze effigy of Jean Jacques Rousseau seated on its pedestal.
the people crossing over in the distance seemed unwilling even to look at the islet where the exiled effigy of the author of the
Why should one made in the real image of God suffer his natur' to be provoked by a mere effigy of reason?
prentice groped his way; and stopping at a house from whose defaced and rotten front the rude effigy of a bottle swung to and fro like some gibbeted malefactor, struck thrice upon an iron grating with his foot.
THE head of Guy Fawkes's old school has called for an end to the "barbaric" act of setting fire to his effigy on Bonfire Night.
On swinging the body towards him he discovered it was a stuffed effigy, complete with Wellington boots and sou'wester.
IN a recent Journal, Andrew Lapping somewhat pompously berated those who carried Margaret Thatcher in effigy at the Durham Miners' Gala.
The same bonfire was at the centre of a dispute last year when an effigy of Mr Adams was hung from the fire.
KARAK -- At least ten people sustained burn injuries when the protesters of Pakistan TehrikeInsaaf (PTI) burnt the effigy of their MNA, Nasir Khan here Tuesday.