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glass instrument for measuring time, usually consisting of two bulbs united by a narrow neck. One bulb is filled with fine sand that runs through the neck into the other bulb in an hour's time. The date of its invention is unknown, but it was in use in ancient times. Similar devices for marking shorter periods of time, e.g., three-minute sandglasses for timing the cooking of eggs, are still used occasionally.

What does it mean when you dream about an hourglass?

An hourglass represents the passing of time and the end of a cycle in one’s life or a project.


An instrument for measuring time, consisting of two somewhat funnel-shaped vessels joined at their narrow points by a thin, hollow neck; one hour is required for a given quantity of sand to fall from the upper to the lower vessel.


An icon that is commonly used on graphical interfaces to mean "wait until finished." When the hourglass icon appears, you cannot do anything within that part of the application until that task has completed and the hourglass goes away.

An hourglass is a centuries-old device for counting time. It consists of two glass chambers attached to each other via a tiny opening. Half filled with sand, when the hourglass is turned over, the sand falls from one chamber to the other. The amount of sand and size of chambers and opening are precisely measured so that when all the sand from one side falls to the other, a certain amount of time has passed. See hourglassing.
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Head researcher Dr Oybek Rustamov said that the research, which looked at the results of 5000 women between 2008 and 2011, found that Egg Timer Tests provided erroneous results.
He pulled the egg timer from his pocket and placed it on the podium, eliciting one of the few authentic laughs of the night.
In spring, a gadget maker's heart turns to thoughts of egg timers.
To make sure I stuck to the five-minute shower rule, I used a shower egg timer, which limits shower time to four minutes, more than half of the time that I usually spend.
They also collected resources from the beach to make a symmetrical or repeating pattern and designed a three-minute sand egg timer.
99; Egg cooker and timer, pounds 20; Kitchencraft triple egg timer, pounds 6.
I've gone from bouncing along like a space hopper to looking like an egg timer, complete with a waist.
HERE'S an egg timer that is totally foolproof - put as many eggs as you like in the pan, this gadget senses how much heat is being taken by the contents and changes colour to let you know whether they are soft, medium or hard
To make sure my children clean their teeth properly I always put a colourful egg timer in the bathroom so they can watch the sand disappear while brushing.
EASTER means chocolate for a lot of people, but if you want to go for something eggs-tra special why not try a Woolie's egg timer and egg cups?
KITSCH-EN GADGETS And why not use this new egg timer which sings Killing Me Softly when it has been boiled to perfection?
FOR those who have stood on one leg near a window to try and get mobile phone reception, and those who have sat watching an egg timer as an internet page loaded, the figures concerning digital coverage in North Wales will come as no surprise.