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(ī`dər), river, 117 mi (188 km) long, rising S of Kiel, N Germany, and flowing N to the Kiel Canal before turning west and meandering to the North Sea at Tönning. It is navigable for most of its length. The Eider's lower course is regulated by locks; part of its upper course is followed by the Kiel Canal. The river separates Schleswig from Holstein.


see duckduck,
common name for wild and domestic waterfowl of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and swans. It is hunted and bred for its meat, eggs, and feathers. Strictly speaking, duck refers to the female and drake to the male.
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, eider duck
any of several sea ducks of the genus Somateria, esp S. mollissima, and related genera, which occur in the N hemisphere. The male has black and white plumage, and the female is the source of eiderdown
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The eider duck is also known as the Cuddy duck after St Cuthbert, who ruled that no-one should disturb them.
Ten polymorphic autosomal microsatellite loci for Eider duck Somateria mollissima and their cross-species applicability among waterfowl species (Anatidae).
They are the feathers of the female eider duck (Somateria mollissima), a markedly sexually dimorphic species of large marine diving duck with a characteristically elongated head.
EIDER ducks, the symbol of Northumberland with a connection going back more than 1,000 years, have a new champion.
Since the detection of avian cholera in the eastern Canadian Arctic, surveys of Common Eider colonies have been conducted in collaboration with local communities to discover how widespread the disease is in the region and what the impacts may be on eider duck colonies (Fig.
I worked with local hunters in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, during their annual spring eider duck harvest in 2011 and 2012 (Fig.
The eggs, which were laid by sea birds including an eider duck, a black headed gull and a cormorant, were collected on Strangford Lough in the North in the 1920s.
Bute is a country lover's paradise and the waters around the island are some of the finest in Europe for wildlife with resident colonies of seals, oystercatchers, gannets, eider duck and swans.
Gull predation on eider duck lings Soinaleria mollissirna: Effects of human disturbance.
The facility had housed hedgehogs, pigeons, an eider duck, sparrow hawk and barn owls - all of whom were being nursed back to full health before they were due to be released back into the wild in the spring.