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Any of various types of jet pumps used to withdraw fluid materials from a space. Also known as eductor.
A device that ejects the finished casting from a mold.
A device in the breech mechanism of a gun, rifle, or other firearm which automatically throws out an empty cartridge case, or unfired cartridge, from the breech or receiver.



a device in which kinetic energy is transferred from a medium that is moving at high velocity to another medium. The energy is transferred as the media are mixed (seeJET APPARATUS). Ejectors are used in jet and vacuum pumps. They are widely used as mixers in the chemical and petroleum-refining industries.


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ejector, ejector pump

1.A type of pump for ejecting liquid, as from a sump; induces fluid flow by entraining the liquid in the flow of a stream of air, steam, or water.
2. A cleanout, 1.

sump pump, ejector

sump pump
A pump used to remove the accumulated waste in a sump.


i. A form of jet pump used to transfer fluids from one location to another. Ejectors are normally used in the feeder or the main tank, in which the booster pump is installed to ensure that this tank is never empty. The ejectors suck in fuel from the other tanks.
ii. Any device to eject something (e.g., links of gun ammunition in a belt are ejected from the gun into the aircraft fuselage or the atmosphere by an ejector).
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The lifter slide (in the ejector plates) should move freely by hand, with no dragging, to reduce the chances of failure or wear.
44 Hand Ejector 4th Model Military better known as the Model 1950 Military.
Hence it prevents both ejector and microSATA device from damage, and it also increases endurance of the ejector and the device.
yThe ejector speed and the precision of rejection is a huge gain of time, compared to having an operator interacting with the system and removing the wrong product manually from the production linee says Jim White, Product Manager at Optel Vision.
45" on the left side of the barrel, "United States Property" under the barrel in front of the ejector rod and "US/Army/Model 1917" along with the serial number on the base of the grip frame.
Ejectors offer obvious benefits over traditional mechanical rotating technologies; no moving parts, no maintenance, no emissions, no electrical power or fuel requirements and compact size, making Transvac's ejector solutions extremely attractive.
The proposed system consists of Rankine cycle (RC), ejector refrigeration cycle (ERC), absorption refrigeration cycle (ARC) and cascaded refrigeration cycle (CRC) with only one heat source.
A full investigation into how the ejector seat deployed is being carried out and further tests are being done, the inquest heard.
This reduces energy consumption by 30 - 50 per cent compared with traditional ejectors, resulting in sustainability benefits as well as energy and cost savings.
Options include a bottom hydraulic ejector, side ejector and the possibility of degazing.
The model has all the features of the original, including its bulletproof shield, machine guns, ejector seat and revolving blades on the hub-caps.