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The company develops the open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash), X-Pack (commercial features) and Elastic Cloud.
The Elastic line of credit product is originated by Republic Bank, member FDIC.
Contact OverEnd Technologies for all of your elastic handling needs:
elastic wave velocity tomography for the evaluations, and the techniques have been applied for investigations of existing aged structures [2].
Elastic lamina in the submesothelial layer was visualized by elastic staining in all cases with similar intensity and continuity (Figure 1, A and B).
The pressure exerted by the needle imparts elastic strain, which increases toward the sheet's centre.
The proponents of ELASTIC (4,21,24) suggest that the elastic device is a suitable alternative to the use of conventional resistance training equipment for development of muscle strength, if a similar external force is provided by the ELASTIC.
The NH2 53 is an electronically controlled loom for the weaving of elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics.
The elastic displacements within joints have great impact on robots accuracy, approximately 70% of total positioning error is given by elastic displacements of joints.
Key statement: The present invention is directed to improved elastic materials.
Use of the Air-Stirrup brace in combination with an elastic wrap promotes a more rapid return to function following first-time grade I and II ankle sprains than either treatment alone or other modes of treatment, reported Bruce D.