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Conclusions: This study showed that treatment of acute ankle sprains with an elastic bandage was more effective than splint in reducing edema.
While subjects were wearing the elastic bandage, rHb was lower in skin (Table 2) and subcutaneous tissue (Table 2) during pre-exercise measurements.
Use an elastic bandage to compress the ankle joint when not applying ice.
Hook-and-loop straps work better than elastic bandages or straps that are permanently attached to rods.
One of the thieves had an elastic bandage on his right ankle so police feel sure someone must know who is.
Sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, bug repellent, aspirin or aspirin substitute, moleskin, adhesive bandages of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, elastic bandage and calamine lotion.
Normal values of around 2 mL/sec were obtained using the nonelastic bandage at 40 mm Hg, while the elastic bandage had to be applied with 60 mm Hg to obtain normal values.
Wrapping the ankle with tape or elastic bandage further controls the bleeding and swelling, as does elevation of the foot.
First-Aid Kit -It's always wise to pack a first-aid kit containing sterile bandages, antibiotic ointment and an elastic bandage in case of sprains.
There was a time when the only resources for dealing with a muscle strain or sprain short of a visit to a doctor was an elastic bandage and some adhesive tape.
From the classic elastic bandage to today's innovative braces, support hosiery and hot/cold therapy, ACE has been America's biggest supporter since 1918, Porebska says.
Item Qty Per NSN Qty Per Kit Each NSN Iodine 10 packets 6505-00-148-7096 144 Field dressing 3 ea 6510-00-159-4883 1 Field compress 1 ea 6510-00-200-3075 1 Gauze bandage, 3-in x 18-ft 2 ea 6510-00-200-3185 1 Triangle bandage, 37-in x 37-in x 52-in 1 ea 6510-00-201-1755 1 Adhesive bandage 3/4-in x 3-in 18 ea 6510-00-913-7909 300 Rolled elastic bandage, 2-in x 12-ft 1 ea 6510-00-935-5820 10 Surgical tape, 1-in x 54-in 3 ea 6510-01-060-1639 100 Petrolatum gauze, 3-in x 36-in 3 ea 6510-01-112-6414 12 Surgical blade 1 ea 6515-00-754-0426 5 Scissors 1 ea 6515-00-935-7138 1 Exam glove 4 ea 6515-01-364-8554 100 Dental bag 1 ea 6520-00-926-9041 100 Eye dressing 1 ea 6545-00-853-6309 1 Case 1 ea 6545-00-113-3722 1