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1. a thin plate or layer, esp of bone or mineral
2. Botany the flat blade of a leaf, petal, or thallus


A thin sheet or layer of tissue; a scalelike structure.
A thin, clearly differentiated layer of sedimentary rock or sediment, usually less than 1 centimeter thick.
A flat or curved arrangement of unidirectional or woven fibers in a matrix.


A concurrent object-oriented language.

["Experiments with a Knowledge-based System on a Multiprocessor", Third Intl Conf Supercomputing Proc, 1988].

["ELINT in LAMINA, Application of a Concurrent Object language", Delagi et al, KSL-88-3, Knowledge Sys Labs, Stanford U].
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The special elastin stain highlights the fragmentation of the internal elastic lamina in this vessel (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnifications X20 [A and B]; original magnification X20 [C]).
Number of elastic lamina was found to increase up to 20 years.
Thick segments elastic lamina in alternate with region of deposited regions of ectasia collagen and medial thinning Angiographic appearance Focal or tubular String of beads appearance appearance Adventitial FMD Vascular Layer Affected Adventitia or Medial- Adventitial Junction Frequency 5%-10% Pathology of lesion 1.
5) The transgenic mice develop a diffuse vasculopathy with intimal hypertrophy, primarily a result of smooth-muscle proliferation, disruption of the elastic lamina and fibrosis of the media and adventitia--findings similar to those seen in HIV-associated vasculopathy.
Histological review of the MCA revealed the presence of well-developed internal elastic lamina, tunica media and tunica adventitia.
The perimeter and area of the lumen, the length of the internal elastic lamina and the area it enclosed, the length of the outer limit of the media and the area it enclosed were measured on each arterial section (Figure 1).
Histopathologically, Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) is heterogeneous with various degrees of collagen hyperplasia, internal elastic lamina rupture and disorganization of the tunica media.
Cases with tumor invasion beyond the peritoneal elastic lamina were designated as positive for PELI, and cases without tumor invasion beyond the peritoneal elastic lamina were designated as negative for PELI.
IT was defined as the distance from the lumen- vessel interface to the interface between the internal elastic lamina and the media IMT as the distance from the lumen-vessel interface to the interface between the media and the external elastic lamina and MT was calculated as the difference between IMT and IT.
3,4,5 Calcification of the internal elastic lamina of the arteries leads to vascular occlusion.
Structurally the intimal layer of CCA, as in the other carotid vessels (ICA and ECA), showed a very thin pattern and appeared formed by endotheliocytes and internal elastic lamina (Figs.