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However, the average IQ for those who grew up as the eldest child--either as a first-born or because of older-sibling deaths--exceeded that of men with older siblings by 2.
The youngest, in his 20s, required surgery to his jaw, while the eldest brother, in his 30s, may also need an operation.
Sarah Cawser sadly lost both her eldest daughter and her eldest son Albert who was killed in the Second World War.
I have dared to bring my eldest daughter into politics on popular demand," he said.
The eldest brother said, "A large camel has passed this way.
Talt's eldest son admitted that his dad's health saw a minor deterioration, which led him to go into hospital, but assured that he's now recovered and is back in the arms of his family at home.
Sachin's daughter and my eldest son were born on the same day, in the same hospital in Mumbai.
Instead this woman [the defendant's wife] decided to wait until after her eldest daughter graduated from high school to inform the authorities," the suspect's lawyer said.
Amanda Hutton, who was jailed for 18 years yesterday for starving little Hamzah Khan to death and neglecting her other children, issued the chilling threat to her eldest son Tariq, 24.
The Saudi Newspapers "Okaz" reported that a group of passers-by were surprised of a lady who randomly dispersed gifts among visitors, and clarified that she was doing that out of her happiness with the first baby of her eldest son, who she has been waiting for 10 years.
The charming, vivacious Lillian has been named Charlton's eldest citizen, and in keeping with a tradition that began six years before her birth, she now holds a replica Boston Post Cane.
Ms Jackson, who had three sons and four grandchildren, was the eldest of four daughters who grew up in Blakelaw, Newcastle.