Elective Course

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Elective Course


in the USSR, an optional course of study that may be taken by students of higher educational institutions, specialized secondary schools, or vocational-technical schools. Students in the higher grades of general-educational schools may also take elective courses. Elective courses broaden and deepen the students’ theoretical knowledge and applied skills, develop their abilities, and satisfy their personal interests.

Elective courses deal with current scientific, technological, and cultural issues and with individual topics in which students have become interested during the study of a particular field. A list of recommended elective courses is usually included in a school’s curriculum. Decisions on which courses the list will include are made by councils of institutions of higher education and of departments, as well as by councils of teachers in specialized secondary, vocational-technical, and general-educational schools in accordance with the interests of the students.

Elective courses also include practical training courses, seminars, and laboratory classes. In secondary schools, elective courses are taught by faculty members of higher educational institutions, staff members of research institutions, and specialists in aspects of culture and the national economy.


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Given the increased interest in sports economics over the last 15 years, and the potential limits placed on the field by disciplinary forces, this appears to be a good time to assess the extent to which sports economics has emerged as an undergraduate elective course at U.
Bahce reiterated that the TEOG exam results cannot be accurate because their calculation incorporates the grades on the end-of-year school report, adding, "According to the information we have obtained from schools so far, the elective course grades of [at least] 115 students in 291 schools were not correctly represented on the e-okul online system.
Table 5 offers a view of elective course offerings.
Tennessee's (2005) board of education unanimously adopted a new uniform curriculum for African American history, an increasingly popular elective course in the state's high schools.
Beyond the technological sophistication, the executive MPA and follow-on graduate programs will embody the same core curriculum as the campus-based residential programs, with elective course customization for the AT & L workforce.
Ambassador, and taught an elective course in accounting for one semester.
The standard unit of credit is the same as for any elective course.
This seminar earns two elective credits toward the Institute's CPM designation, credit as an elective course toward the University of Wisconsin's Real Estate Certificate Program and one continuing education unit for each 10 classroom hours awarded by Wisconsin's Center for Urban Land Economics Research, 1.
She expressed disappointment when told that with advance notice our nursing program could have designed learning activities to provide her with an elective course credit for her summer work.
She chronicles the stories of professors whose careers and whose very lives have been devastated by charges that are either chillingly trivial (a writing instructor fired for allowing a student-initiated discussion of sexual topics) or fantastic (multiple rapes which somehow didn't keep the victim from signing up for an elective course with the rapist).
John's, Newfoundland, he began studying political science at the University of Ottawa with an eye to a diplomatic career but discovered dance while taking an elective course.