electoral register

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electoral register

(in the UK) a list of all electors entitled to vote in a local, parliamentary or European election. The electoral register is compiled in mid-October every year and shows the names and addresses of UK nationals aged 18 years and over, together with those who will attain that age during the lifetime of the register. Although some people fail to register, the electoral register is useful to the sociologist in that it provides an up-to-date list of inhabitants of a given area from which to draw random and non-random samples of the population for QUESTIONNAIRE and related studies.

Electoral Register


a document listing persons who have the right to vote in a given electoral district. In the USSR, electoral registers are compiled by the executive committees of corresponding soviets of people’s deputies and are posted well in advance of elections, so that the voters can check the accuracy of their entries in the register. Complaints of inaccuracy in an electoral register are lodged with the executive committee that compiled the register.

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The new electoral register is one of the most important in modern times.
Across South Tyneside the electoral register has more than 370 people previously rergistered who are at risk of losing their place.
Companies also use the electoral register to check applications for credit - which means people not registered may be refused loans, mobile phone contracts and other forms of credit.
Young people could be particularly affected with researching finding that electoral registers are falling in cities with universities and large student populations.
The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date.
Under original plans, electoral registers would have contained existing information until the end of 2016.
We know it's important to be on the electoral register - that's why we launched the #NoVoteNoVoice campaign to encourage more young people to register to vote.
5 million UK nationals living overseas but fewer than 20,000 are currently on the electoral registers.
An error in production led to the names being transposed, however, no further action is required regarding the transposition as the electoral register remains unchanged.
2 million allocated for the previous financial year and the enormous success of online registration, which has seen over 4 million people apply to be on the electoral register since it was introduced in June 2014.
Al-Hakimi affirmed the need for dialogue with all political parties to discuss ways of support for the electoral register process.
The committee has submitted a book to the Interior Ministry on the basis of the law of the general election to make sure the electoral register for this year is well checked and updated to find out who is entitled to vote and who does not meet the necessary conditions," he added.