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appliance, appliance equipment

Any device (other than industrial) which utilizes gas or electricity as a fuel to produce air-conditioning, heat, light, refrigeration, or to perform one or more functions such as dishwashing; usually built in a standard size or type and installed or connected as a unit.
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When the electric appliance first joins the HEM system, the system will record and study its characteristics, and then create model data.
Global financial crisis in the past few months has affected the productivity of electric appliance industry as demands have declined for various products of electric appliances like AC, Refrigerators , washing machine , etc.
The data cover sales at 38 of the association's 41 member electric appliances retailers nationwide.
A recycling law that went into effect in April last year requires manufacturers of four large electric appliances -- television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines -- to recollect CFCs from scrapped products for either recycling or destruction.
said Wednesday it has developed a ''shape-memory'' recyclable polymer screw that becomes smooth when heated, allowing it to be easily removed from household electric appliances.
The new recycling law calls for manufacturers, retailers and consumers to share responsibility for disposal of the four types of electric appliance. It requires consumers to pay a 2,400-4,600 yen recycling charge per unit as well as some transport fees.
Although the recycling law has no penalty provisions, violators of the Waste Disposal Law who dump several electric appliances face fines in the hundreds of thousand yen.
Aiming to complete the store renovations by the end of fiscal 2003, the Daiei group hopes to see its home electric appliance business return to profitability in fiscal 2004 on sales of 110 billion yen.
He said when supply of electricity was restored, the voltage was too low to run electric appliances.
Gulbadin Khan another wholesaler of electric appliances told, that this year besides other electric appliances the sale of solar panel was much higher as people desired to avoid troubles of long power outages.

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