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The most likely explanation for fire is some sort of ignition involving the electric blanket.
Women who use electric blankets for 20 years or more have a significantly increased prevalence of endometrial cancer.
The probable cause of the fire was the accidental ignition due to the overheating of an electric blanket.
His Labour colleague, Yardley MP Estelle Morris, expressed concern that older people who turn to electric blankets for economical heat during the winter months could be in danger.
The safety commission said consumers should stop using the electric blankets and call the company toll-free at (877) 217-6294.
During her two years at Winterwarm Nicola has had to deal with many different problems, but the strangest has to be about their bespoke electric blanket service.
Commenting on Wertheimer andLeeper's bed study, Sagan agrees that "the use of electric blankets deserves some attention, because it is an important source of magnetic radiation to the public.
Most electric blankets are not designed to be washed - always check the instructions.
Old, worn and damaged electric blankets pose a real fire risk, so Cleveland Fire Brigade are offering people the chance to hand over their old blankets in exchange for new or non-electric thermal versions - free of charge.
Electric blankets cause hundreds of fires each year and last November a faulty blanket was blamed for the death of a pensioner in Llangollen.
They have urged people to be sensible with candles, heaters and electric blankets.
Gornstein evaluates dozens of new electric blankets and mattress pads every year.