electric cable

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1. An electric conductor consisting of a group of smaller-diameter conductor strands twisted together.
2. A group of electric conductors which are insulated from each other.
3. Any heavy rope or wire line used for support, for exerting a force, or for controlling a mechanism.
4. One of the reedings which are set into the flutes of a pilaster or column.
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A police corporal claimed to prosecutors: "When I questioned the suspect, he admitted that one of the gang members jumped over the site's wall and then opened the door for them from inside - then they cut the electric cable, loaded it in a car and fled.
Summary: The theft of electric cables continued in several parts of the country, despite the arrest last week of a gang allegedly involved in perpetrating similar offenses.
Net Chart and Fuji Electric Cable will continue to work to develop more user-friendly products and solutions for the high-speed communications equipment of the SDN era.
The bacterium is one hundred times thinner than a hair and the whole bacterium functions as an electric cable with a number of insulated wires within it.
They later traced the fumes to a burning electric cable under the pavement.
In the survey, being taken before workers place shields in the ground to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the sea, workers were boring into the ground to check the flow of groundwater when a device touched and damaged the electric cable about 2.
The first program is in progress pushing up demand for electric cable.
The lead author's consulting firm reviewed information supplied by Yankee Gas to determine the effect of an increased average annual ground temperature on the pressure rating of PE gas distribution pipe due to a newly installed electric cable.
Thousands of homes and businesses in Solihull had their power cut off yesterday after an electric cable was severed.
The scrap handler can move in an L-shaped path while being powered by an electric cable plugged into a nearby building.
A SUPERMARKET chain was fined pounds 10,000 after a worker suffered burns from a damaged electric cable outside a metal-framed window.
Flexible, high watt electric cable heaters are available for such applications as trace heating/freeze protection, semiconductor manufacturing processes, hot runner plastic molding, packaging, tube/pipe heating, vacuum chambers and various immersion heatings.