electric cable

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1. An electric conductor consisting of a group of smaller-diameter conductor strands twisted together.
2. A group of electric conductors which are insulated from each other.
3. Any heavy rope or wire line used for support, for exerting a force, or for controlling a mechanism.
4. One of the reedings which are set into the flutes of a pilaster or column.
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Sometimes the main electric cables, conductors are installed on the boundary wall which also create fire hazard of high scale.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police responding to call from an electricity provider about a suspicious electric cable going into a flat above a bar in Hall Street Hockley seized over 160 cannabis plants.
Alianza Inc., the cloud voice platform company, has announced that Service Electric Cable TV & Communications (SECTV) has selected Alianza to enhance its VoIP solution, the company said.
then they cut the electric cable, loaded it in a car and fled."
Police said the suspect allegedly beat up and strangled the victim to death using an electric cable.
ARRIS Group Inc (Nasdaq:ARRS), a provider of IP, video and broadband technology, announced on Wednesday that its new SE NEXT Entertainment Platform has been selected by Service Electric Cable TV and Communications, a cable television provider.
D-Line Cable Safety Covers THESE electric cable covers attach to surfaces, either with screws or adhesive backing, and aim to keep electrical cables away from little hands and feet.
The new caable was launched together with Fuji Electric Cable, a manufacturer and vendor of communications cables, LAN cables, and fiber-optic cables and related products.
An underground electric cable fire saw poisonous carbon monoxide leak into homes in Derry.
said Saturday that an underground electric cable at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was erroneously damaged while workers were conducting a boring survey as part of efforts to prevent leakage of radiation-contaminated water into the sea.
A locomotive and three electric cars almost derailed in northwestern Bulgaria Sunday night after thieves trying to steal an electric cable knocked down a pole on the rail tracks.
The first program is in progress pushing up demand for electric cable.