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electric double layer capacitors (supercapacitors).
It is well-known that when solid objects are placed in contact with an aqueous electrolyte solution, they usually acquire a surface charge and spatial distributions of charge and electric potential, known as the electric double layer (EDL), appear close to the interfaces.
Electrokinetic phenomena in microfluidics are caused by the interaction between the applied electric field and the diffusion layer in the electric double layer. More electrokinetic phenomena studied at present include electrophoresis, dielectric electrophoresis, electroosmotic flow, and induced electroosmotic flow.
In clay bearing rocks, the presence of a connate brine results in the so-called surface effects: electric double layer polarization (i.e., Stern layer polarization) and Maxwell-Wagner space-charge polarization.
The paper details how electricity is generated using FFNG - an electric double layer is created around the fiber, and the flowing solution composed either of a saline solution or water, which then distorts the charge distribution in the blood vessel and generates electricity along a long axis.
New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for United Chemi-Con and carries its full line of Capacitors, radial lead, SMD and snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and electric double layer capacitors.
The key concept underlying the electrokinetic effect is the electric double layer (Fig.
It has been established in the literature that the effective thickness of the electric double layer (EDL) depends on the ionic energy parameter a.
The i-ELOOP is equipped with a 12-25V variable voltage alternator, a low-resistance electric double layer capacitor and a DC/DC converter.
Ioxus Inc, a manufacturer of ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired a Japanese manufacturer of flexible, slim-pack electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs), Power Systems Ltd,which has an extensive customer base in the Asia-Pacific region.
'i-ELOOP' features a new 12-25V variable voltage alternator, a low-resistance electric double layer capacitor and a DC/DC converter.

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