electric eye

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electric eye:

see photoelectric cellphotoelectric cell
or photocell,
device whose electrical characteristics (e.g., current, voltage, or resistance) vary when light is incident upon it. The most common type consists of two electrodes separated by a light-sensitive semiconductor material.
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electric eye

[i¦lek·trik ′ī]
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photoelectric cell

A device incorporated in an electric circuit; in response to light that falls on the cell, the electrical output or the resistance varies; used in measuring devices and in control devices that depend on illumination level or the interruption of a light beam.
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Electric eyes on the line were supposed to solve the problems, but the eyes didn't have it.
There is a screen of varying transparency mounted in the main camera lens system that is moved in accord with the amount of light that the electric eye sees, letting more light fail on the photographic plate when necessary.
Container transfer and indexing are accomplished via chain driven live roller conveyors with electric eye sensing.
An electric eye at the feed throat detects when material is tossed into the throat and starts up the machine.
Screw in the electric eye sender and receiver (Photo 7) about 6 in.
The principle behind the photoconductive switch is similar, at a much more powerful level, to that of the familiar "electric eye" that operates mechanical doors.
New equipment has been developed for in-mold decorating that feeds the stamping foil, which has been preprinted in register, directly into the mold where it is located by electric eye.
All entries will be sorted by computerised equipment with an electric eye which reads addresses and postcodes.
Its TC-50B, HD system for HDPE has a new computer system for HDPE has a new computer system that controls layflat width by means of an electric eye, throughput rate and average film thickness by gravimetric feeding control, and frostline position by means of optical sensing and cooling-air regulation.
Computer-controlled sequencing, developed by Sadaplast, uses a fiber-optic "electric eye" to search and scan a continuous lead frame just ahead of the system's eight-cavity mold.
Here's how to get Sharon's electric eyes. Buy Stylisme Du Regard Eye Pencil, in No 10, PS19.50 @ Yves Saint Laurent, johnlewis.com A hint of pinky cheek blush.
Kansai Electric eyes MOX fuel use at Takahama plant from fall of 2014