electric eye

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electric eye:

see photoelectric cellphotoelectric cell
or photocell,
device whose electrical characteristics (e.g., current, voltage, or resistance) vary when light is incident upon it. The most common type consists of two electrodes separated by a light-sensitive semiconductor material.
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electric eye

[i¦lek·trik ′ī]

photoelectric cell

A device incorporated in an electric circuit; in response to light that falls on the cell, the electrical output or the resistance varies; used in measuring devices and in control devices that depend on illumination level or the interruption of a light beam.
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Tomorrow's show will be opened by London rockers Terminal Gods whose single, Electric Eyes, is currently at number one in the European alternative music charts.
Tokyo Electric eyes building nuclear power plants in Asia
The CA software suite acts as the electric eyes that lets my group set IT performance thresholds for the networks and systems, so they can automate control of the environment and proactively manage all IT elements," said Bryant.
It's not unusual for hotels and luxury apartment basement garages to have electric eyes that decide when to turn the lights on, rather than 24-hour illumination.