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electric eye:

see photoelectric cellphotoelectric cell
or photocell,
device whose electrical characteristics (e.g., current, voltage, or resistance) vary when light is incident upon it. The most common type consists of two electrodes separated by a light-sensitive semiconductor material.
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electric eye

[i¦lek·trik ′ī]
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photoelectric cell

A device incorporated in an electric circuit; in response to light that falls on the cell, the electrical output or the resistance varies; used in measuring devices and in control devices that depend on illumination level or the interruption of a light beam.
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Researchers also suggest retrofitting the door openers math electric eyes or keypad switches, which are harder for children to operate.
Electric eyes on the line were supposed to solve the problems, but the eyes didn't have it.
In the "old" foundry, an in-house-engineered conveyorized mold handling system uses 1200 electric eyes to control the movement and position of each mold as it progresses along three parallel conveyor lines.
Chubu Electric eyes calling for power saving in winter
Matsushita Electric eyes building lithium ion battery plant in Osaka
It does not have the sand traps that would show footprints, the barbed wire designed to stop a speeding truck or electric eyes that would activate machine guns.