Electric Fence

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electric fence

[i¦lek·trik ′fens]
A fence consisting of one or more lengths of wire energized with high-voltage, low-current pulses, and giving a warning shock when touched.

Electric Fence


a length of thin, steel wire strung between fence posts and periodically energized with short, low-power electric pulses. An electric fence is used to enclose plots on which livestock are pastured in rotation grazing. An animal that touches the wire completes the electric circuit and receives a brief shock. Animals quickly develop a fear of the wire. Storage batteries with a voltage of 6 volts or less serve as the power source for an electric fence. The wire is strung 40 to 80 cm above the ground, depending on the type of livestock that are grazing.

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Goats have hollow hair shafts that help them withstand moderate heat and cold (and also insulate them from the shocks that electric fences can deliver), but their coats don't provide protection from severe temperatures or heavy rain.
Contract notice: Benefits for the preparation and management of hamsters release sites (digging burrows - lot 1 and management of electric fences - lot 2) in the wild populations of the building program hamster of alsace.
There has been little safety testing on electric fences, but the harmful nature of fields from similar devices has long been known (going all the way back to John Ott's studies in the 1960s).
Carol: A novel idea was on the TV show Plant Stories, where a man constructed mini electric fences with copper wire and small batteries around his lettuces.
8220;Cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and farming hobbyists actively seek information about how to install, troubleshoot and maintain their electric fences,” said Deidra Roberts, VP of Marketing at AgraTronix.
In fact, if you watch North American Whitetail Television presented by Arctic Cat this fall, you'll see me take an awesome buck from a corn-soybean food plot that had been protected by electric fences earlier in the year.
KEN BATES: Oldham, Chelsea, Sheff Wed and now Leeds have all been run by Blaster Bates, who transformed Stamford Bridge but also wanted electric fences to pacify thugs.
Electric fences and gates are becoming more common in Santo Domingo as citizens seek to protect themselves from the threat of theft, reports Listin Diario (Oct.
While banning the use of electric shocks to cause pain in small mammals, they totally ignore the fact that farmers routinely use the same techniques in electric fences and cattle prods and even, despite scientific advice of its uselessness, order the agonising death of thousands of badgers.
NEW EU plans to limit the strength of electric fences could see more livestock escaping from fields, farm unions believe.
Many "houses are surrounded by razor wire and electric fences.