Electric Fence

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electric fence

[i¦lek·trik ′fens]
A fence consisting of one or more lengths of wire energized with high-voltage, low-current pulses, and giving a warning shock when touched.

Electric Fence


a length of thin, steel wire strung between fence posts and periodically energized with short, low-power electric pulses. An electric fence is used to enclose plots on which livestock are pastured in rotation grazing. An animal that touches the wire completes the electric circuit and receives a brief shock. Animals quickly develop a fear of the wire. Storage batteries with a voltage of 6 volts or less serve as the power source for an electric fence. The wire is strung 40 to 80 cm above the ground, depending on the type of livestock that are grazing.

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Gamers get to be the real king of the jungle as T-Rex, but still have to face pesky human hunters, electric fences and pools of sulfur.
Being from Dublin, I didn't know that fields had electric fences until all of a sudden this almighty shock hit me.
The contract is for the supply of new sets of components necessary for the construction, supply, installation and control of the state electric fences including:
From a hunter's standpoint, electric fences afforded a very useful hunting advantage.
A TOP-secret report on security at the Palace of Westminster has recommended electric fences, road-blocks and a barrage on the Thames to protect MPs, it was claimed yesterday.
Stratford told the court the animals would have normally been allowed into the pasture in the spring but electric fences she had bought to keep the goats safe had been stolen.
The property is protected by electric fences, cameras and a team of security men rumoured to be armed.
Feeding was much easier when I had all my animals inside four electric fences with plastic garbage cans of feed at each fence and hoses nearby.
Still others require permits for certain types of fences, even movable electric fences.
Since installing the new system, maintaining the effectiveness of our electric fences has become much easier.
A raging typhoon has knocked down Jurassic Park's electric fences allowing dinosaurs to roam wild and prey on one another.
Since the lethal electric fences went up at the state prison in Lancaster in 1994, almost 100 birds and other animals have been killed.