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an order of fish. The body, which is flat, almost round, thick, and meaty, reaches 1.8 m in length and weighs as much as 90 kg. Electrical organs are located on the sides. Fish of the order live in tropical and subtropical seas, primarily in shallow water; some species live at depths to 1,000 m. The fish feed on bottom-dwelling invertebrates.

The order embraces three families: Torpedinidae (electric rays), Narkidae, and Temeridae. The Torpedinidae, which include seven genera with 30 species, are quite common. The genus Torpedo has an especially large number of species. The best-known species, Torpedo marmorata, was used by the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean to treat gout. Typhlonarke aysoni lives near New Zealand.

The Torpediniformes are not very important commercially.


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About a rod-length from us as he shuffling his feet slowly on the bottom, a tiny electric ray, about the circumference of a side-plate settled on top of "J's" right foot and zapped him.
The shallow-water assemblage was composed of golden cownose ray (Rhinoptera steindachneri), whitesnout guitarfish (Rhinobatos leucorhynchus), giant electric ray, bullseye electric ray, vermiculate electric ray, longtail stingray, equatorial skate (Raja equatorialis), blotched stingray, thorny stingray, and Panamic stingray.
Carvalho MR, Compagno LJV, Ebert DA (2003) Benthobatis yangi, a new species of blind electric ray from Taiwan (Chondrichthyes, Torpediniformes, Narcinidae).
Divers encountering electric rays are warned not to touch them.
Siphon nipping of the bivalve Amiantis purpurata by the electric ray Discopyge tschudii (Heckel 1846) in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
The electric ray uses its electricity to stun its prey before pouncing and eating them.
In Ancient Greece, electric rays were used as a primitive form of anaesthetic before surgery.
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The Illes Medes - an impressive underwater nature reserve - are home to an array of marine life including angler fish, octopus and electric rays.
TWELVE different members of the ray family roam British seas, ranging from venomous stingers to shocking electric rays.