Electrostatic Discharge

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Electrostatic Discharge

(hardware, testing)
(ESD) One kind of test that hardware usually has to pass to prove it is suitable for sale and use. The hardware must still work after is has been subjected to some level of electrostatic discharge. Some organisations have their own ESD requirements which hardware must meet before it will be considered for purchase.

Different countries have different legal regulations about levels of ESD.

See also Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility.
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Table 20: Japanese Historic Review for Electrical Discharge
The new parallel multi-wire electrical discharge machining method utilizes Mitsubishi Electric's proven electrical discharge technology for difficult-to-cut material, and employs a dedicated power supply specially developed for SiC.
Among the topics are the high resolution numerical simulation of shock-to-detonation transition of condensed-phase explosives, developing a coupled fluid-structure interaction code for explosion problems, estimating the crater in reinforced concrete wall caused by mini-blasting, deburring technology using concentrated underwater shock waves, and an experimental study on food seasoning treatment by high voltage electrical discharge with a shock wave food processor.
Every time you strike a key, a little hammer will jump out of the typewriter, and prod your iPad with a little rubber 'capacitive cap', which delivers a minute electrical discharge to mimic your finger prods.
GF AgieCharmilles of Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA, says its new FO350SP die-sinking electrical discharge machine (EDM) increases productivity and enables fine, shiny surface finishes of unmatched homogeneity.
The sparking samples for experiments regarding the corrosion resistance of the superficial layers obtained by electrical discharge impulses were done with the ELITRON 22A equipment, using a Cu electrode.
Its standard configuration offers electronic control circuitry regulating electrical discharge and battery charging.
has added the AE 300 Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) to its product line.
There are, of course, some alternative processes, such as using electrical discharge machining or deploying a laser.
The Robofil 2030SI-TW wire EDM is the first to feature a fully automated dual-wire system for roughing and finish electrical discharge machining.
The substance is used to make electrodes for electrical discharge machinery, dies for the continuous casting of metals, and various products used in the semiconductor industry.
IST coats the interior of the PET bottle by rotating the bottle in front of an electrical discharge device that deposits a thin silicon-oxide (SiOx) coating.

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