Electrical engineer

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electrical engineer

[i′lek·trə·kəl ‚en·jə′nir]
An engineer whose training includes a degree in electrical engineering from an accredited college or university (or who has comparable knowledge and experience), to prepare him or her for dealing with the generation, transmission, and utilization of electric energy.
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Electrical engineer

An engineering discipline that deals with the study and/or application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism and covers a range of substudies including those that deal with power, electronics, control systems, signal processing, and telecommunications.
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Kopniaiev became the basis for the training of electrical engineers. The principles of the presentation in this section differed from other authors.
As you will know, only an electrical engineer should be dabbling with such things and there's no way people should be fiddling with the lighting circuits in their homes.
But three decades later, the former electrical engineer says computers can help a small medical practice be more efficient, but they aren't advanced enough to handle every task.
Most electrical engineers agree that supplier partnerships should be equitable and profitable for both parties involved, but feel that the current focus on price seems to stand in the way of that kind of relationship.
The top 10 new registered electrical engineers are: 1.
Early team members may include an electrical engineer who handles circuit design and a mechanical engineer.
Attracted by the quantitative rigor of industrial engineering, Litt and his colleagues teamed up with electrical engineer George Vachtsevanos and his group, all at Georgia Tech.
announced that William Schneider, P.E., a senior electrical engineer, recently joined the mechanical/electrical department in Anchorage.
Glen Neville is a licensed Electrical Engineer in AKF's New York office and has over 17 years of experience in the practice of engineering design, field-testing and commissioning of critical systems.
Carlton, an electrical engineer with Martin Marietta Corp.
Since joining OLA in 1996, Dan Smith has grown from an intern to a lead electrical engineer on a wide variety of projects, including educational, corporate, retail and telecommunications facilities.
Schuyler Jr., a former PTO commissioner and an electrical engineer.

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