electrical fault

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electrical fault

[i′lek·trə·kəl ′fȯlt]


A defect in the insulation or conductive capability of any component or device in an electric circuit, resulting in an interruption of current flow or in an unintended path of current flow of abnormal magnitude.
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Eddie Arrowsmith, NICEIC regional engineering manager responsible for Middle East operations, said: "A large number of the fires in the region can be traced back to electrical faults which puts thousands of lives at risk every day.
That's all folks: the "sinkhole drama" reported by motorists in Blaydon on Friday morning turned out to be these repairs to an overnight electrical fault
The most likely cause was an accidental electrical fault.
The electrical fault triggered a power cut, making the mine cages unusable and the report added that those trapped are reported to be 2 km below the surface and 4 km from the mine entrance.
They say it is an electrical fault but it could be that coal is burning as well,"Tamer Kucukgencay, chairman of theregional labour union, told Reuters by telephone.
A SHOE repair shop was badly damaged by fire yesterday after a suspected electrical fault.
MANAMA: An electrical fault is suspected to have caused a fire which gutted two cars and damaged two shops in Manama yesterday.
WOMAN'S LUCKY ESCAPE AS BEDROOM GUTTED AN ELECTRICAL fault sparked a blaze that gutted a bedroom and caused the roof of a house to collapse.
ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: North Iraq's Kurdistan opposition Goran (Change) Movement has charged the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) with having been behind the burning of its headquarters in northern Arbil's Shaqlawa resort on 19/2/2011, whilst the resort's mayor said that the cause of the fire had been an electrical fault.
The investigations are still under way, but police sources have told us that it was probably an electrical fault," our correspondent said.
Summary: Engineers have fixed the "Big Bang" machine after an electrical fault led to it being shut-down in September last year.
In fact the electrical fault had caused molten droplets of around 1,000C in temperature to fall on to insulation blankets beneath an electrical panel.

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