electrical fault

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electrical fault

[i′lek·trə·kəl ′fȯlt]


A defect in the insulation or conductive capability of any component or device in an electric circuit, resulting in an interruption of current flow or in an unintended path of current flow of abnormal magnitude.
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A spokesman for West Denton Fire Station said: "The fire is believed to have been started by an electrical fault in the kitchen.
Staff could smell the smoke and the lift broke down, which is usually the first thing that happens during this type of electrical fault.
A blaze, started by an electrical fault, swept the pounds 5 million West London mansion on Sunday.
When the electrical fault is corrected, the devices reset and normal current flow is restored.
The cause of the blaze was suspected to be an electrical fault.
AN ELECTRICAL fault in a computer sparked a blaze at a Flintshire pie factory.
But last week the supertram was engulfed in a blaze believed to have been started by an electrical fault.
But an electrical fault on a tumble dryer in the room sparked as fire and the man returned home from work at 11am yesterday to find his house smoke-logged.
The fire was believed to have been sparked by an electrical fault.
An ESB official said later that the blast appeared to have been caused by an electrical fault.
AN ELECTRICAL fault in a decorative crown sparked a blaze outside an arcade.
A FIRE which killed six people in a tower block was sparked by an electrical fault in an old television set, police said yesterday.

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