electrical metallic conduit

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electrical metallic conduit (EMC)

Conduit, usually fabricated of steel, which encloses electrical wiring, thereby protecting the wiring from outside damage. The difference between electrical metallic conduit and electrical metallic tubing (EMT) is that conduit is heavy-walled and usually has threaded ends; in contrast, tubing is thinner and is not threaded. Between these two is an intermediate metallic conduit (IMC), which is 25 percent lighter and less costly than EMT; it may be threaded or threadless.
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Pipe and Conduit Division--Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, LTV Copperweld's Pipe and Conduit Division is one of the two largest manufacturers of electrical metallic conduit and the largest producer of welded standard and line pipe within the 4-1/2" - 16" size range in North America.

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