electrical resistance

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Electrical resistance

Opposition of a circuit to the flow of electric current. Ohm's law states that the current I flowing in a circuit is proportional to the applied potential difference V. The constant of proportionality is defined as the resistance R. Hence, Eq. (1)

holds. If V and I are measured in volts and amperes, respectively, R is measured in ohms. Microscopically, resistance is associated with the impedance to flow of charge carriers offered by the material. For example, in a metallic conductor the charge carriers are electrons moving in a polycrystalline material in which their journey is impeded by collisions with imperfections in the local crystal lattice, such as impurity atoms, vacancies, and dislocations. In these collisions the carriers lose energy to the crystal lattice, and thus Joule heat is liberated in the conductor, which rises in temperature. The Joule heat P is given by
Eq. (2). See Crystal defects, Electrical resistivity, Joule's law, Ohm's law

electrical resistance

[i′lek·trə·kəl ri′zis·təns]

electrical resistance

The physical property of a device, conductor, element, branch, or system, by virtue of which power is lost as heat when current flows through it; the physical property which an electric conductor exhibits to the flow of current; measured in ohms.
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36], the researchers could lower the electrical resistance of the material, suggesting that, like [C.
Tunnel junctions, also known as magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) or tunneling magnetic junctions (TMJs), allow the esoteric property of electron spin to be sensed as electrical resistance for interface to conventional electronics.
Immersed in a liquid helium bath, this material becomes a superconductor, losing its electrical resistance.
The results showed that the produced nanostructures have high transparency in the range of visible light while they have lower electrical resistance in comparison with common samples.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Water proof electrical safety shoe (size - 7) having electrical resistance against 24kb anti skid, impart & abration resistance confirming to is: specn no.
Contact, in the form of a fingertip or a stylus, changes the electrical resistance between the two ITO layers enough so that the device can register where the user is touching.
Key statement: Methods for measuring the electrical resistance of a tire including establishing contact between a tread face portion of the omega section and a grounded conductive surface and establishing contact between a mounting portion of the omega section and a mounting rim.
Reason is, the electrical resistance is different between electric brakes and the electric motor pump/actuator that make the electric over hydraulic brakes work.
A POLYGRAPH is a device that records any change in a person's physiological processes including heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration and electrical resistance.
The new high pressure corrosion monitoring probe adapter for both Microcor[R] and Corrosometer[R] electrical resistance corrosion probes have a hermetically sealed connector and are pressure rated up to 10,000 psi.

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