electrical service

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temporary (electrical) service

Electrical service used for a limited time during construction, exhibits, or similar temporary purposes.
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Clients are encouraged to contact the experts at Prime Electrical Service for their holiday light inspection.
Tarrant for providing On-Call Electrical Services shall prepare a written bid to include, but not be limited to, the
The costs associated with upgrading electrical service in existing buildings is dramatic.
This July Interstate Electrical Services Corporation(www.
Concern about possible disruption of electrical service, especially in Lower Manhattan where financial service firms have a critical need for reliable power for computers and telecommunication, prompted the Energy Committee to undertake the review, said Committee Vice Chairman Bill Rudin of Rudin Management Co.
Electrical service and security are also critical issues, as is the landlord's work letter and how it will fit in with the requirements of the tenant.
Electrical Services allowing us to strengthen our local operations and to explore opportunities in the global markets.
BI Electrical Services, based in Co Antrim, agreed the contract with Keenshine in Shanghai after setting up a base in the city.
Wealden District Council are going out to tender for a Measured Term Contract for cyclical, planned and reactive works for Mechanical Services and Electrical Services for council owned and / or managed commercial properties and other assets.
RUGBY firm Morgan Est, one of the UK's leading infrastructure specialists, has appointed Frank Taaffe as its new mechanical and electrical services director.
With experienced and well-trained professionals executing these projects, fighting and electrical services will include: structured and cost effective lighting retrofit programs, scheduled lighting maintenance inspections as well as on-call service.
WHEN THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FROM DETROIT Water and Sewerage Department crossed Brian Rhodes' desk three years ago, he knew Detroit Electrical Services L.

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