electrical tape

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electrical tape

[i′lek·trə·kəl ‚tāp]

friction tape

A fibrous tape which is impregnated with a sticky moisture-resistant compound; used in electric wiring as a protective covering for insulation.
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For more information about 3M Electrical Tape 44HT, contact the 3M Electrical Markets Division, A130-4N-40, 6801 River Place Blvd.
AUSTIN, Texas -- 3M celebrates American Legends - Scotch vinyl electrical tapes and NASCAR - with a new promotion.
Each of the victims was bound with black electrical tape.
It is especially suited for electrical tape and refrigerator gaskets, wall coverings and automotive interiors.
AUSTIN, Texas -- 3M continues to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Vinyl Electrical Tape with a fall promotion.
The City Of Tacoma, Tacoma Power Is Soliciting Bids For A One Year Contract To Provide Electrical Tape On An As-Needed Basis With The Option To Renew For One (1) Additional Year.
If the wire has insulation skinned off for three inches or less, but the wire is not broken, cover the exposed wire with electrical tape.
Cover outdoor plugs and connector joints with a water- resistant layer of plastic wrap and electrical tape.
Police said they investigated and later arrested the older student on suspicion of building the device, which was made from plastic sprinkler pipe and wrapped with electrical tape.
AUSTIN, Texas -- The new Scotch Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70 HDT is designed to increase resistance against surface arcing and tracking of high voltage cable terminations.
You can also use thin strips of electrical tape to line the writing board or a fine-line permanent marker.
Scotch electrical tape, which has evolved over the years to Scotch Super 33+, is 60 years old and is the only vinyl electrical tape still made in the USA.

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