electrical tape

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electrical tape

[i′lek·trə·kəl ‚tāp]

friction tape

A fibrous tape which is impregnated with a sticky moisture-resistant compound; used in electric wiring as a protective covering for insulation.
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Step 7: Use the electrical tape to connect the 3-inch wires onto the positive side of both batteries.
Again, use electrical tape to keep the wires together.
The sportsman showed more than 75 local youngsters aged between ten and 15, a game called Street20 which uses a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape, for added speed.
Crimp the positive and negative ends of each onto the stereo's speaker output wires using crimpers and butt connectors, sealed off with heat-shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape.
3, which reads: "Ensure consumable materials not included on the tool container inventory, such as safety wire, electrical tape, and acid brushes, are accounted for prior to and at the completion of each task.
Gathered under the title "Reincarnation Blues," the New York-based artist's nine photographs on view at the Gregory kind Gallery were shot over the past five years and depict constructions made from cardboard, electrical tape, and condiments, materials that will fray, droop, and spoil over time.
The traditional glass lens is replaced with a small pinhole, the pinhole size is the camera's aperture, and the shutter has been replaced with a piece of electrical tape.
After trying rubber bands and electrical tape to mute Spot's continuous tag cacophony, Schaible resorted to extreme measures.
Peter, of Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, invented the Chocbox to comply with new regulations which came into force recently which bans electrical tape on such connections.
Sheriff James Callinan said: He brought four tubes wrapped in electrical tape to court.
No problem, some electrical tape will take care of that in no time (not really a good idea).
Never use electrical tape to fix/hide damaged cables, especially not on a piece of gear designed to be operated underwater.

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