electro-acoustic music

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electro-acoustic music:

see electronic musicelectronic music
or electro-acoustic music,
term for compositions that utilize the capacities of electronic media for creating and altering sounds.

Initially, a distinction must be made between the technological development of electronic instruments and the
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We simply wanted to draw the attention of the creators to the form, temporality, which in the case of electro-acoustic music can acquire truly varied semblances, particularly within acousmatic music, working with moulding of the acoustic space.
NEW pieces of extraordinary electro-acoustic music can be heard at Bangor University's Powis Hall later this month.
The trio combines the diverse backgrounds of these acclaimed musicians - Allen in classical music, Chase in electro-acoustic music and visual design and Pearson in jazz.
A much clearer link between the visual arts and music can be seen at the Kornfeld gallery which focuses on one man who combines work in both fields--Swiss sculptor and electro-acoustic music composer Oscar Wiggli.
Over the past decade, Radioatelier has striven to explore miscellaneous nooks and crannies in the area of sonic composition and demonstrate the sheer variety of contemporary acoustic an--from electro-acoustic music through various Forms of experimental vocal and Horspiel creations, the popular soundscape form to the extreme limits of contemporary features.
They worked with music technology and electro-acoustic music which culminated in a final recorded event.
Sitting behind a mix-ing console, she gave the piece its debut duringthe 35th International Competition of Electro-acoustic Music and Sonic Art, in Bourges.
Current issues of SEAMUS Newsletter (the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) are now freely available online as PDF downloads from the SEAMUS Web site (http://www.
About 100 new musical compositions will be presented in Eugene next week when the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States holds its national conference at the University of Oregon.
SCREAM, a consortium of colleges and universities in the Southern California area with programs in electro-acoustic music, has presented annual concerts since its founding by Schrader in 1986.
To explain: electro-acoustic music is the term for music that makes major use of electro-technical and electronic media in its composition and not just in its reproduction.
This is the chance for young people aged between 16 and 25 to get involved in making electro-acoustic music on laptops.

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