electro-acoustic music

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electro-acoustic music:

see electronic musicelectronic music
or electro-acoustic music,
term for compositions that utilize the capacities of electronic media for creating and altering sounds.

Initially, a distinction must be made between the technological development of electronic instruments and the
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The aptly named SCREAM Festival will be presented by the Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music - SCREAM - and will feature performances by CalArts faculty members Barry Schrader and Mark Trayle and alumnus Peter Grenader.
The SCREAM concert series was initiated by Schrader, a member of the composition faculty of the School of Music and founder of SEAMUS, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States.
It is characteristic of Pinos that in his case natural inspirations do not remain simply at the level of titles or textual references, but affect the deeper structure of the work and are particularly manifest in his instrumental and electro-acoustic music, representing an integral part of his poetics.
Discover Denmark' continues on Wednesday and Thursday with programmes of new electro-acoustic music from the Nordic countries.
In fact "radiophony" and "ars acustica", and electro-acoustic music in general is also Rataj's main interest in composition.
Pierre-Laurent Aimard explains: 'In 1976 he came back to France after living in foreign countries and was called by President Pompidou to create IRCAM (a centre for electro-acoustic music and research) and he decided to launch a group for 20th-century music.
Entitled Creation, it is inspired by the Book of Genesis and interestingly combines film shots with the electro-acoustic music of Rudolf Ruzicka.
I'm working in electro-acoustic music, where you don't need any traditional musical training.
You compose both acoustic and electro-acoustic music, do you think its a good thing for EA composers to have a general training in composition, and -- from the other point of view -- what influence does composing EA have on your instrumental work?
Oddly enough, Con-Dom was never really influenced by the early experiments in electro-acoustic music, preferring Genesis P Orridge to Karlheinz Stockhausen.
In the autumn there will be a presentation of Czech Electro-Acoustic Music in the Netherlands.
It was 45 minutes of fleet interaction, proof that electro-acoustic music, so often a pre-meditated affair,can rejoice in live tension too.

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