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The effects electricity has on optical materials such as a change in refraction or birefringence. The term was coined before "optoelectronic," but both terms are often used synonymously. See refraction, birefringent, photonics, optoelectronic and integrated optics.
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Those electronics that use visible or near visible light (e.g., infrared) for guidance or sensing.
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Based on the SOI PIN electro-optic modulation structure, a micro-nano Si/SiGe/Si double heterojunction electro-optic modulation structure is presented, which is abbreviated as Silicon/Silicon Germanium/Silicon-On-Insulator (Si/SiGe/ Si-OI) structure, as shown in Figure 1.
With organic electro-optic materials, Dalton says, all of the circuit processing is dry, using oxygen-reactive etching and photolithography, thus dramatically decreasing solvent usage.
The operating principle for an electro-optic sensor includes an infrared LED and a light receiver.
An alternate method, which is discussed in this paper, is to develop a planar electro-optic phase shifter[1] using a microstrip transmission line.
We are firmly committed to supporting the Department of Defense with this riflescope to provide greater adaptability, increased lethality and enhanced target acquisition for our Special Operations Forces," said Andy York, president of SIG SAUER Electro-Optics.
It offers three product lines: electro-optics and infrared test equipment, thermographic cameras for process control monitoring and infrared wide area surveillance systems for protection of critical infrastructures.
Ponomarenko and Filachev, both employees of Orion Corporation, Russia, mark the 60th anniversary of what began as a government agency and is now Russia's Development and Production Center "Orion," which specializes in infrared techniques and electro-optics. After reviewing early and low-light-level and electron-beam technologies in the decade before the institute was founded, they describe its research and results in chapters of about a decade each, but corresponding to significant periods in the institute itself or in the political and military milieu within which it operated.
Each office requested proposals from university investigators working in areas of importance to DoD, such as information technology, remote sensing, propulsion, electronics and electro-optics, advanced materials, and ocean science and engineering.
(NASDAQ:ESLT), Haifa, Israel, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Elop Electro-Optics Industries Ltd.
It was founded in 1980 by NIST staff and continues with the technical co-sponsorship of the Optical Society of America and the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society.
This course is a study of the military system applications of electro-optics. It will cover both the operation of the systems themselves and countermeasures against the systems.
(AOBC) announced its Electro-Optics division, Crimson Trace Corp., completed the purchase of substantially all of the assets of LaserLyte, a provider of laser training and sighting products for the consumer market.

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