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Use of a device or chemical agent to coagulate or destroy tissue.
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a medical treatment utilizing thermal, chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Cauterization is used to destroy such conditions as small skin tumors, warts, excessive granulations, and tattoos. It can be performed by diathermal coagulation, galvanocautery, chemical substances, or laser radiation. In surgical practice it is used to separate tissue and to stop bleeding (electric scalpel, laser beam). In the treatment of some inflammatory diseases, cauterizing agents in the form of a mustard plaster or ultraviolet radiation (quartz) serve a revulsive and reflex-therapeutic function.


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GBP by Monopolar Electrocautery dissection constitutes 21.42% (30 patients) out of total 15% GBP in our study which is quite <49.5% reported in study conducted by Janssen et al17.
Unexpected events may occasionally occur during nasal endoscopy, packing and/or electrocautery because of anxiety, mental stress and poor tolerance to severe pain.
A pilot study was conducted by Armstrong et al., (2001) to compare the Harmonic Scalpel haemorrhoidectomy with electrocautery, and the clinical impression was confirmed by the results of the pilot study.
Attention must be directed to ensuring complete hemostasis, including the routine use of electrocautery in any procedure that is performed on the floor of the mouth.
In addition, significantly fewer in the coblation group experienced either nausea or localized swelling compared with those in the electrocautery group.
The results in our study were also consistent with those of a randomized controlled trial12 and large prospective cohort studies showing a higher risk of postoperative hemorrhage after tonsillectomy with electrocautery as compared with cold dissection techniques13,14.
The mean surgery time of Coblation tonsillectomy ranged from 22.7 to 28.9 minutes in various studies (Stoker et al, Parson et al, Shah et al)[91011] compared to 16.2 to 23 minutes for electrocautery. In a study by R Guragain, CL Bhusal they concluded that the mean duration of dissection tonsillectomy was 23.03 minutes in comparison to diathermy tonsillectomy which was 14.8 minutes.
Children whose bleeding was controlled by FloSeal also lost significantly less blood during the surgery, used less narcotic pain medication afterward, and returned to a normal diet sooner than did children who had electrocautery hemostasis, said Dr.
Two most favored treatment modalities being scalpel and electrocautery. In the present case report, these two different treatment modalities were used in the same patient with idiopathic gingival enlargement to compare their handling properties and effect on the initial wound healing.
The researchers found "excellent" agreement between the two methods as well as similar sevoflurane consumption, and found that PSi 1.0 was less affected by electrocautery. The researchers found "An excellent degree of reliability between PSi and BIS at all measuring points." With 804 data pairs total, they calculated an overall intra-class correlation of 0.92.
CHICAGO -- Routine use of an N95 mask during electrocautery is an effective and inexpensive way for dermatologie surgeons to protect themselves from toxic, airborne particulate matter in the smoke generated during the procedure, Emily de Golian, MD, said at the annual meeting of the American College of Mohs Surgery
Treatment options for warts include cryotherapy (freezing by liquid nitrogen), electrocautery (burning warts under topical or local anaesthesia), topical/external treatments like salicylic acid, imiquimod etc.