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(physical chemistry)
Emission of light produced by an electrochemical reaction. Also known as electrogenerated chemiluminescence.
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luminescence arising in the recombination of ion-radicals formed in the course of the electrolysis of a solution of an activator, such as isobenzofuran and isoindole, in an accompanying electrolyte, such as dimethyl formamide (seeLUMINESCENCE); the excited molecules of the activator formed as a result of the recombination of their ion-radicals are converted to the ground state, emitting light quanta. Electro-chemiluminescence may be used in indicator instruments: upon excitation of a luminophor by a changing electric field, the luminescence is concentrated near the electrode, and, by using electrodes with special shapes, flashing numbers and letters may be constructed. (See and CHEMILUMINES-CENCE.)

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The assays for the determination of cTnT include the ES-system (Boehringer Mannheim), which has been on the market for several years (9), and the new randomaccess electrochemoluminescence system (Elecsys, Boehringer Mannheim) (10).