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The project demonstrated a 90% recyclable inverter circuit for an electroluminescent lamp.
He was also impressed by Professor Richard Weston's amazing mineral print scarves, Charlotte Sale's nature-inspired glass bowls (although not the less distinctive vase with detachable magnets) and Stephen Morgan and Robin Shannon's electroluminescent lamp.
Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today launched the MIC4830 and MIC4832, a new series of 180Vpp and 220Vpp low noise electroluminescent lamp (EL) drivers designed to drive panels of up to 4 square inches or greater.
It employs electroluminescent technology, using the patented FLATLITE electroluminescent lamp embedded within the door frame and hardware.
Durel, Chandler, AZ, a 50/50 joint venture of Rogers and 3M, has decided to make its patented encapsulated phosphor available for purchase by electroluminescent lamp manufacturers.
However, demand for Rogers' new DFLX(TM) flexible electroluminescent lamp (EL), used in keypad applications, is exceeding expectations.
Astronics Corporation announced today that it will discontinue its Electroluminescent Lamp Business Group, whose primary business has involved sales of microencapsulated EL lamps to customers in the consumer electronics industry.
Sipex Corporation (Nasdaq: SIPX), designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog semiconductors for the battery-powered, portable electronics market, today announced the immediate availability of its SP4438 -- an ultra-quiet electroluminescent lamp (EL) driver designed to power EL lamps for backlighting liquid crystal displays and keypads in cellular phones and other wireless communication devices.
SP4403 electroluminescent lamp driver makes for brighter, more efficient
is registered to ISO-9001 and QS9000 standards, and is an approved electroluminescent lamp supplier to the North American automotive industry.
Durel Corporation (Durel), a 50/50 joint venture of Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) and 3M (NYSE: MMM), has decided to make their patented encapsulated phosphor available for purchase by electroluminescent lamp manufacturers.
Typical products include electroluminescent lamp drivers, low dropout voltage regulators, Universal Serial Bus (USB) power control switches and high-frequency switching converters.