Electrolytic Cell

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electrolytic cell

[i′lek·trə‚lid·ik ′sel]
(physical chemistry)
A cell consisting of electrodes immersed in an electrolyte solution, for carrying out electrolysis.

Electrolytic Cell


a vessel containing an electrolyte (or electrolytes) and equipped with electrodes and used for performing electrochemical reactions.

The basic structural elements of industrial electrolyzers, electrolytic cells are also used by themselves, primarily in laboratory work to study electrode processes, perform electroanalytical measurements, and produce and purify compounds by electrolysis. Electrolytic cells vary considerably in design. In electrochemical work, electrolytic cells with three electrodes are ordinarily used: a working electrode, an auxiliary electrode, and a reference electrode. Complex electrolytic cells may also contain indicator electrodes. Special electrolytic cells must meet additional requirements; for example, they must provide for the possibility of conducting electrochemical studies in combination with other methods of physicochemical research.

Electrolytic cells are also used in physical modeling; in particular, they are used to construct models of the electric field of electronic devices, such as electron tubes.


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As mentioned in the introduction, the aim of this study was, with own resources and minimum investment, to develop a system which will help to increase the negative pressure in the electrolytic cell and thus reduce emissions of waste gases in the electrolysis hall and the environment.
cel] is the potential from the electrolytic cell, V; a is the ionic activity by the general law of Debye-Huckel, making possible accurate measurements for wastewaters from cassava industries ([R.
24] proved in their patent that a "single" layer PFSA/PFCA blend membrane can be used directly in electrolytic cells and remain electrochemically stable for long-term use.
Saline chlorination systems operate on a regular circulation cycle with the addition of an electrolytic cell, which converts salt into usable chlorine.
The PPC is a light-water electrolytic cell packed with a bed of small (0.
Since the assemblies (which are quite small) include an ion-exchange water-softener, mineral deposits forming within the electrolytic cell are minimal, an acid cleaning being necessary only every few months.
However, he adds, because the test data show that this system can also destroy chlorinated organic chemicals, any contaminants that do form might be purged by simply recycling the contaminated wastewater -- minus the pulp -- through the electrolytic cell.
Tenders invited for Multipolar electrolytic cell with all internals
Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons, however, claimed achieving nuclear fusion at comparatively "cold" room temperatures in 1989 in a simple tabletop laboratory device termed an electrolytic cell.
After receiving one of the first degrees in electrical engineering, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he designed and built the first commercially operating diaphragm electrolytic cell in North America, in 1893, at Rumford Falls, Maine.
Its unique, diamond-based electrolytic cell creates precise levels of dissolved ozone to safely sanitize the ice-making path and holding bin without chemicals.