electromagnetic hypersensitivity

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electromagnetic hypersensitivity

A negative reaction to wireless signals. Also called "gadget allergies," symptoms can be headaches, nausea, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), fatigue, irritability, fainting and pain throughout the body. In order to feel improvement, some people have moved into remote areas; however, it is difficult to avoid wireless signals no matter where you are on the planet.

A Very Controversial Subject
Although studies relating to cellphones were inconclusive in the past, most of them were conducted by the cellular industry, and independent researchers have claimed foul play. However, people are increasingly speaking out because they are being affected. It is not unreasonable to think that the molecules of the human brain and body can be disturbed by the thousands of signals passing through them every second from AM, FM and HD Radio, satellites (TV, radio, GPS), cellular voice and data, cordless phones, radar, smart electric meters, Bluetooth (headphones, speakers, keyboards, mice) and especially the myriad applications of Wi-Fi.

When people around the world swear they feel better after moving from the city to a rural location or when shutting down their Wi-Fi, it is reasonable to think that electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is very real. We humans have genetic differences that can result in different reactions or responses to the environment. Some may be very sensitive to radiation, while others are not. However, this is the first generation raised from infancy that is bombarded with wireless in such profusion, which has increased exponentially since the turn of the century. The higher frequencies of upcoming 5G cellular networks are also causing a lot of apprehension (see 5G radiation).

As a precaution when telephoning, many people turn the speaker on and hold the phone away from their head, or they use a wired headset. Even better are headsets with less wire (see air tube headset). Rather than stream video via Wi-Fi, households have switched from wireless to wired, running Ethernet cables from their router to their home theater equipment.

The constant beaconing in the Wi-Fi access point, which advertises the name of the Wi-Fi network all day long, can be easily turned off (see SSID broadcast). In addition, if a stand-alone access point is powered with a PoE injector, the injector power can be turned off at night with a timer (see access point and PoE). In 2014, France took a major step by banning Wi-Fi entirely in nursery schools and turning Wi-Fi off in elementary schools when not specifically used for teaching. See SAR.

An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter
Walking around the house with this meter can be very disturbing. When placed next to a Wi-Fi access point, the meter reaches the top 6.00 level and switches from yellow to red. Its audio output clicks faster as the radiation increases.

Wireless Wake-up Call
Working in Silicon Valley with a masters degree in engineering, Jeromy Johnson is an expert on EMF radiation. His 2016 TEDx Talk on the subject entitled a Wireless Wake-up Call is alarming but also informative, outlining ways people can prevent harmful exposure. For more information, visit www.emfanalysis.com.

Very Educational
Radiation Nation contains a lot of worthwhile information about electromagnetic hypersensitivity, including tips on how to diminish exposure to EMF radiation. The author started DefenderShield, a company that makes products that minimize radiation (www.defendershield.com)
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