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Monitoring of the temperature cycle using the variotherm electromagnetic induction system
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From one perspective, it does not seem likely that photovoltaic solar can make a meaningful contribution because the systems do not appear to be feasible relative to conventional electromagnetic induction processes.
Corwin DL, Rhoades JD (1984) Measurements of inverted electrical conductivity profiles using electromagnetic induction.
The Powermat wireless charger lets you kiss cords goodbye by using electromagnetic induction to harness and deliver power to your handheld devices (like mobile phones, digital cameras and gaming gadgets).
This simple mechanism called electromagnetic induction is how Egypt's High Dam uses the motion of water to generate electricity and also how most of the world gets its electricity today.
of South Australia, Adelaide) and Zinck (International Institute for Geo-Information, ITC, The Netherlands) have edited this text on the use of remote sensing equipment (image spectroscopy, electromagnetic induction and ground penetrating radar) to identify, map and monitor soil salinization.
Induction heating is a non-contact process of heating a metal object by electromagnetic induction.
The strong magnetic fields produced by high-temperature superconductors heat metals faster and more homogeneously than conventional electromagnetic induction heaters.
One project will address the severe water crisis in rural India using electromagnetic induction to map soil moisture and shallow aquifers in the Salri watershed in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India.

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