electromagnetic pulse

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electromagnetic pulse

[i¦lek·trō·mag′ned·ik ′pəls]
The pulse of electromagnetic radiation generated by a large thermonuclear explosion.
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(ElectroMagnetic Pulse) A natural or man-made burst of electric or magnetic energy in the atmosphere. With frequencies below the light spectrum, a nuclear bomb, lightning strike or a device designed to emit such a pulse are sources of an EMP. A massive solar eruption (solar flare) can also disrupt communications satellites.

Weaponry specifically designed to target an area with an EMP have been speculation for decades; however, regardless of the type, the distance from the source to an electronic device determines the damage.

Data Protection
Hard drives, SSDs and flash drives are susceptible to EMP damage, whereas optical discs are not. In order to survive an EMP, drives should be stored in a protected container (see Faraday cage).
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In April, the nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute released the results of a three-year study titled, "High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse and the Bulk Power Systems: Potential Impacts and Mitigation Strategies."
Navy's Electromagnetic Pulse Program is being revived through the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Office of the Director of Force Electromagnetic (EM) Effects and Spectrum Management.
3 presents spectrum and oscillogram of this electromagnetic pulse received by the horn 7 in the case when it is transmitted directly from the horn 4.
Figure 1 shows a shielded coaxial cable connecting a client with a host located over a perfectly conducting ground illuminated by an external electromagnetic pulse. The cable shield is connected to the shielding enclosures of the host and the client at the ends directly, while the inner wire of the cable links the devices of the host and the client which are denoted by the resistances [R.sub.1] and [R.sub.2], respectively, as shown in Figure 2.
The tissues and organs used in this study, namely, subcutaneous tissue, brain, eyeball, heart, lung, stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, bone, testis, and blood, are important in the research on the bio-effects of electromagnetic pulse. By studying the SAR under electromagnetic pulse based on the body model, the following conclusions are drawn: 1.
Antoni Jan Nalborczyk, MPE's technical director, says: "The intense electromagnetic pulse created by a high-altitude nuclear blast could disable, damage or destroy electrical power supply networks, unprotected items of electrical equipment and electrical controls for key service industries over a wide area of the earth's surface.
Among their topics are EMI filter source impedance of various power lines, pros and cons of typical EMI filters, electromagnetic pulse and voltage transients, what will compromise the filter, filter design techniques and design examples.
Weapons like E-bombs have emerged as a new threat to cripple the military communication infrastructure by producing massive electromagnetic pulse. Pakistan must start work on Transient Electro Magnetic Pulse Emanations Standards, known as TEMPEST in military parlance to counter electromagnetic-pulse bombs that can interrupt wireless signals
"An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack consists of the detonation of a nuclear weapon at an altitude of a couple of hundred miles above the United States....
Its Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System shakes the HEPA filters to remove dust, maximizing suction and doubling filter life.
Carafano and Weitz take on a man-made event that could produce a return to the "'new' Dark Ages" resulting from the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) emitted by a nuclear weapon detonated from 40 to 400 kilometers above the Earth's surface.

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