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The electron gun illustrates the general principle that, in the microscopic domain, events cannot be made to repeat.
Instead of a lone electron gun that sweeps its beam across a screen, many forest-like clusters of nanotubes dot the centimeter-thick displays rear glass panel.
Hertz or the vibration caused by the tracking of the electron guns causes flicker, and that flicker in turn could cause eyestrain and even seizures in those disposed to visual epilepsy.
With the very high energies from these sources, subatomic particles of light gases can be manipulated to efficiently generate low thrust energy by using electron guns, electrical fields, magnetic fields, electric currents, lasers, radio waves, or combinations thereof.
They are allergic to close contact with everything from the energy radiating from a bank-link machine, to the electron gun in a TV set's cathode ray tube, to the electron saturated light emitted from a fluorescent lighting tube.
In a CRT, the electron gun must be placed at a point where the electrons it discharges can reach all points on the phosphor screen.
The TWT, in its simplest form, is a vacuum envelope consisting of five components -- an electron gun, a collector, radio-frequency (RF) input and output coupling mechanisms and a slow-wave structure.
This, coupled with a redesigned S-NX DBF electron gun for reduced spot size and screen focus uniformity, and improved deflection yoke technology for improved beam landing, especially in the corners, provides flat, sharp, and bright flat monitors.
Traditional TV and computer screens are bulky because they shoot electrons from an electron gun to light up a phosphorescent screen.
antenna--magnified 140 times (140 x) head--35 x eye--375 x tongue--195 x hind wing--15 x wing hooks--top, 30 x; bottom, 175 x body hairs--300 x stinger--right, 20 x; above, 320 x claws--60 x power source electron gun electron beam specimen viewing monitor signal detector
The cathode (or filament) is housed within an electron gun assembly made up of a cathode, grid cup, and anode.

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