electronic attack

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electronic attack (EA)

That division of electronic warfare involving the use of electromagnetic, or directed, energy to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intention of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability. Some of the forms of electronic attacks are shown in the illustration. Also called EA.
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Across a three-week exercise, our operations and maintenance teams pulled together to complete every scheduled sortie in order to provide critical electronic attack training for our crews and our coalition partners.
It's a new platform, but we're still the electronic attack community, that hasn't changed.
The technologies that have been created and tested by the Exelis-Boeing NGJ team are at the cutting edge of electronic attack," said Robert Ferrante, vice president and general manager of Exelis Electronic Systems' airborne electronic attack business.
It analyses the sub-segments of electronic warfare namely, electronic attack, electronic support and electronic protection.
Exelis (NYSE:XLS), a diversified, global aerospace, defence and information solutions company, announced on Tuesday that it has appointed Peter Martin as the vice president (VP) and general manager of its electronic attack and release systems business on Long Island, New York.
Every airborne electronic attack subsystem they have produced is of the highest quality, allowing us to stay ahead of current and evolving threats," said Capt.
During their current deployment with Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), the Shadowhawks of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8's Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 141 have overcome many challenges in establishing themselves as the first Navy Prowler squadron to set up operations at Al Asad Airbase, Iraq.
The Joint Strike Fighter is labelled as an electronic attack aircraft, and the F/A-22 and F/A-18E/F (F/A-18F pictured) are being retrofit with electronic attack capabilities.
This year, we are focusing our message on the importance of airborne electronic attack (AEA) and countermeasures for armed forces.
B virus, spread by email,causes victims to launch an electronic attack against Microsoft's own web site and prevents victims from visiting the web sites of leading anti-virus companies.
A TEENAGER accused of an electronic attack on America's biggest port was in a hackers' alliance, a court heard yesterday.
Successful wind tunnel testing of an integrated power generation system is a significant risk reduction achievement for the ITT-Boeing NGJ program," said Bob Ferrante, vice president and general manager of Exelis Electronic Systems' airborne electronic attack business.

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