electronic circuit

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electronic circuit

[i‚lek′trän·ik ′sər·kət]
An electric circuit in which the equilibrium of electrons in some of the components (such as electron tubes, transistors, or magnetic amplifiers) is upset by means other than an applied voltage.
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(1) See communications channel.

(2) A set of electronic components that perform a particular function in an electronic system. See hardware circuit and integrated circuit.

digital circuit

An electronic circuit that accepts and processes binary data (on/off) according to the rules of Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT, etc.). See chip and Bebop to the Boolean Boogie.

Digital Plumbing!
A digital circuit can be conceptualized as a mass of plumbing. The circuit paths are the pipes, the transistors are the valves and the electricity is the water. Imagine opening a valve, and the water that passes through it and down a pipe will eventually reach a second valve, causing it to turn on, allowing water in another pipe to flow through it that reaches another valve, and so on.

A resistor can be viewed as a large pipe that narrows into a smaller pipe, a capacitor as a storage tank and a diode as a one-way valve, allowing water to flow in only one direction.

From Logic to Plumbing
It would be a plumber's worst nightmare to have to follow the maze of pipes (circuits) that are really created in a chip. This simple circuit actually resides in every computer. For more details, see chip.
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Associate Professor Joseph Chang, leader of the NTU Singapore research group said their unique printing technique has made mass production of cheap disposable electronic circuits possible.
London, Dec 8 (ANI): A team of scientists has engineered one of the world's smallest electronic circuits.
In the ease of the electronic circuit, this lack of precision can disrupt the conductive properties of the surface, deteriorating the circuit's function.
As finer electronic circuits are needed to achieve higher image quality and lower cost, demand is growing for inks with higher electrical insulating property.
Design software and services company Autodesk Inc (NASDAQ:ADSK) revealed on Monday that it has closed its acquisition of technology and the development team of Circuits.io, a web-based application and connected community for designing and simulating electronic circuits.
iCircuit is an easy-to-use electronic circuit simulator and designer, which can handle both analogue and digital circuits.
To construct the self-healing electronic circuit, Yu believes the self-healing gel would not replace the typical metal conductors that transport electricity, but it could be used as a soft joint, joining other parts of the circuit.
Under the contracts, announced on Thursday, API will supply electro-mechanical enclosures, including electronic circuit cards for mission-critical laser targeting and imaging systems.
They come apart easily and also contain a small electronic circuit board which is sharp enough to cut or be swallowed.
Phoenix Contact says its new EC-E electronic circuit breakers selectively protect load circuits connected to a 24-V DC power supply.
According to AFP, an automatic error message was sent at 0214 GMT Monday, claiming a "fault in an electronic circuit" during its flight from Rio de Janeiro towards Paris.

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