electronic data interchange

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electronic data interchange

(application, communications)
(EDI) The exchange of standardised document forms between computer systems for business use. EDI is part of electronic commerce.

EDI is most often used between different companies ("trading partners") and uses some variation of the ANSI X12 standard (USA) or EDIFACT (UN sponsored global standard).

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(Electronic Data Interchange) The electronic communication of business transactions, such as orders, confirmations and invoices, between organizations. Third parties provide EDI services that enable organizations with different equipment to connect. Although interactive access may be a part of it, EDI implies direct computer-to-computer transactions into vendors' databases and ordering systems.

The Internet gave EDI quite a boost. However, rather than using privately owned networks and the traditional EDI data formats (X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS), many business transactions are formatted in XML and transported over the Internet using the HTTP Web protocol. See X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, extranet, externalization, XML and HTTP.
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DLMSO manages the business rules, data standards, and information exchange media for the logistics community in accordance with DoDD 8190.1, DoD Logistics Use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Standards, dated May 5, 2000.
The Corporate Business Unit focuses on mid-market solutions including ACCPAC, which can be fully integrated with additional software programs such as Client Relationship Management Systems, eCommerce, eWarehousing, Human Resource Management Software and EDI, an electronic data interchange solution.
This downloadable 24-page glossary from the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) will help you decipher HIPAA -related acronyms and other terminology.
"EDI, or electronic data interchange is a convention through which large companies can send and receive business documents [such as purchase orders] through a ...
The effort to create rigid Internet standards has been likened to electronic data interchange (EDI) standards creation and adoption.
(For a special report on how XML and Internet messaging are facing against the much better established electronic data interchange messaging system see the Report on p.
Among the many topics covered in Privacy & Security Law Report are online advertising rules, consumer financial privacy notices, money laundering rules, identity theft, encryption, electronic data interchange standards, employee e-mail monitoring, international data protection, network security, and critical infrastructure protection.
Manufacturers had become accustomed to culling day-by-day sales data from retailers, such as megastore Wal-Mart, using electronic data interchange (EDI) and logistics systems that could track sales and restocking needs among the 600,000 different styles of jeans, swimsuits, knits, and daypacks in its portfolio.
Aberdeen warns that XML-based collaboration is not completely developed, lacking applications that can easily and quickly transform data between the multiplying number of XML schemas, traditional e-Business formats like electronic data interchange (EDI), and back-office data stores typically stored in relational databases.
Among other uses, XML is viewed as a promising replacement for electronic data interchange. One corporate vice president warns, however, "If processes and language standards aren't well-defined, then the tools don't stand a chance."
Founded in Bretten, Germany, in 1986, Seeberger has established its expertise in electronic data interchange, e-business and e-commerce.

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