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(Electronic Health Record) A computerized medical record for an individual that includes data from more than one healthcare organization. The first medical records were known as "electronic medical records" (EMRs), and although both terms are often used synonymously, an EMR often refers to a single healthcare event, whereas an EHR includes the patient's history.

The push to adopt comprehensive electronic documentation between doctors' offices and hospitals intensified after the RAND corporation published a study in 2005. The research stated that America's healthcare industry was expected to save more than USD $80 billion annually and improve the quality of care when EHR became a reality.

EHR Is the Official Term
The CMS program that reimburses healthcare providers for adopting electronic records officially embraces the EHR term and requires the use of certified EHR technology (see EHR Incentive Program). See HL7, HIE, VLER and healthcare IT.
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Electronic health records were used in approximately 30% of all patient visits, and clinical decision support features were used in 17%.
After obligating approximately $2 billion over the 13-year life of its initiative to acquire an electronic health record system, as of September 2010, DOD had delivered various capabilities for outpatient care and dental care documentation.
The Department of Health and Human Services has awarded more than $640 million in grants to set up regional extension centers around the country, with the goal of helping physicians and hospitals achieve "meaningful use" of electronic health record (EHR) technology.
ProVation EHR is an electronic health record designed for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).
Gemalto said that its card is compliant with the Identification Authentication Signature (IAS) European standard to ensure the highest level of security for accessing personal electronic health records.
Usability testing iCare: An electronic health record of learning.
Physicians who have not adopted certified Electronic Health Record systems by 2014 will have their Medicare reimbursements reduced by 1 percent beginning in 2015; 2 percent in 2016; and by up to 3 percent in 2017 and thereafter.
If the feds have it their way, 40% of physician offices will use certified electronic health records by 2012 as part of a strategic plan for coordinating the federal government's health IT efforts over the next 4 years.
With an electronic health record, for example, a pharmacy could determine whether a doctor truly wants a patient on a particular beta-blocker because of a cardiac event in the past.
Electronic health records, which are interchangeable between hospitals and physicians, benefit all parties involved by improving quality and efficiency in service.
DOD achieved a major milestone with the launch of AHLTA (Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application), its global electronic health record system at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md.

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