electronic intelligence

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electronic intelligence

[i‚lek′trän·ik in′tel·ə·jəns]
Electronic systems, apparatus, and operations for obtaining information concerning an enemy's capabilities, intentions, plans, and order of battle. Abbreviated elint.
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electronic intelligence (ELINT)

The detection, recording, analysis, and cataloging of electromagnetic signals of all unfriendly emitters. ELINT analyzes electromagnetic radiation characteristics, the sources of radiation (type of emitter), and the location of emitters. Nuclear and radioactive radiation are not a part of ELINT operations. Normally referred to as ELINT.
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Yet, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he will bring to the floor the extravagantly misnamed USA Freedom Act, a major new bill, exquisitely crafted to hobble the gathering of electronic intelligence. What the media have failed to report is that, far from being offered a clear choice between authorizing warrantless surveillance to fight terrorism --at the expense of the Fourth Amendment--or restricting the "war on terror" to preserve liberty, the senators were given neither.
Signal Sentry 1000 is a proprietary product that leverages Global Navigation Satellite System signal domain knowledge; it is based upon patented technology developed by Exelis through many years of designing and fielding electronic intelligence systems.
Electronic Intelligence Department said: "After wide and comprehensive search [for]
The P-8 is intended to conduct anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and shipping interdiction and to engage in an electronic intelligence (ELINT) role.
Colonel Lt Col Kitson's 10-man elite unit will include four specialists in electronic intelligence who will teach rebel commanders how to eavesdrop on the Libyan radio network and jam their text messages.
The Platform Solutions business, which is part of BAE's Electronic Intelligence and Support division, operates from a number of sites in the United States, although there is also a UK site in Rochester, Kent.
Israel's other major electronic systems provider, Elbit, is thought to have sold its Timnex 4 electronic intelligence system to equip some of China's submarines, along with other unidentified surface combatants, and Israel's Dolphin class diesel electric boats.
He was responsible for gathering electronic intelligence.
Israel was handed over this room in line with an electronic intelligence cooperation agreement signed with Turkey on April 27, 1995, and another protocol signed on Jan.
These enhancements will produce electronic intelligence, increased revenue opportunities, lower costs and broader functionality never seen before in products formerly considered disposable items.
Williams is the leading petty officer for Operational Electronic Intelligence Analysis and Indications and Warnings in the Intelligence Directorate where he manages and analyzes electronic intelligence that increased command collection posture by 150 percent.
Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, to reveal, according to Washington Times reporters Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough, that the NSA has a "backlog of untranslated electronic intelligence leads on terrorists that has grown since 2001." "Grown" is the scary word.

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