electronic mail address

electronic mail address

(Usually "e-mail address") The string used to specify the source or destination of an electronic mail message. E.g. "john@doc.acme.ac.uk".

The RFC 822 standard is probably the most widely used on the Internet. X.400 was once used in Europe and Canada. UUCP-style (bang path) addresses or other kinds of source route became virtually extinct in the 1990s.

In the example above, "john" is the local part which is the name of a mailbox on the destination computer. If the sender and recipient use the same computer, or the same LAN, for electronic mail then the local part is usually all that is required.

If they use different computers, e.g. they work at different companies or use different Internet service providers, then the "host part", e.g. "sales.acme.com" must be appended after an "@". This usually takes the form of a fully qualified domain name or, within a large organisation, it may be just the hostname part, e.g. "sales". The destination computer named by the host part is usually a server of some kind rather than an individual's workstation or PC. The user's mail is stored on the server and read later via client mail software running on the user's computer.

Large organisations, such as universities will often set up a global alias directory which maps a simple user name such as "jsmith" to an address which contains more information such as "jsmith@london.bigcomp.co.uk". This hides the detailed knowledge of where the message will be delivered from the sender, making it much easier to redirect mail if a user leaves or moves to a different department for example.
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In 2007, VSOR at Code 9.1-903(G) was amended requiring an individual subject to its registration provisions to reregister either in person or electronically with the local law-enforcement agency where his residence is located within 30 minutes following any change of the electronic mail address information, any instant message, chat or other Internet communication name or identity information that the person uses or intends to use .
Jay gave his contact number to Shiela, including his electronic mail address," said Sosa, quoting excerpts of the complaint.
Nevertheless it is not clear whether the offeree could use electronic mail to communicate his acceptance when the offeror has electronically mailed the offer to him, or when the offeror has sent the offer via fax or telex with the electronic mail address in the letter head.
"Electronic mail address" means a destination, commonly expressed as a string of characters, to which electronic mail may be sent or delivered.
oWhile reviewing his official electronic mail address, we came across correspondence exchanged between the accused and a female legal consultant from an Abu Dhabi-ased rival firm in February last year,o the emirati claimed.
Retirees would also have access to provider directories and a library of health information from Mayo Clinic online and receive an electronic mail address for ongoing communication with the service and other participants.
staff member and give every individual's electronic mail address or phone
Her electronic mail address is mbailey@eniac.ac.siue.edu
A service will provide you with an electronic mail address that association members can access through Internet, regardless of which service they use.
By sending a message such as "lookup 5 14 42 132" to the electronic mail address sequences@research.att.com, a user can find out whether this or any other sequence is in the table.
His CompuServe electronic mail address is 100015,633.
As opposed to the other types of electronic signatures, the automatic insertion of a person's electronic mail address after the document has been transmitted by the sending/receiving of the internet service provider is not a signature, as the insertion of the address is not intended to be a signature.

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