digital photo frame

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digital photo frame

A desktop picture frame that holds digital images from a computer or the Internet. Photos are downloaded via a memory card, USB cable or with a wired or wireless connection to the home network. Operating in still or slide show mode, some models accept new images from the Internet, allowing friends and family to update the frame without any manual operation. For a fee, art of all kinds can also be downloaded into the device.

Digital and Analog
The world is a mix of analog and digital. Why shouldn't your coffee table be? The difference between the digital photo frame (right, rear) and the others is that it can change images at preset intervals.

Right on Your Keychain
Typically holding less than a hundred images, digital photo keychains provide stills or a slide show on the road. This unit from Nextar holds 60 photos downloaded from the computer via a USB cable.
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He admitted breaking into and burgling the science block at Huddersfield University, stealing a Netbook and electronic picture frame worth PS330 on February 26.
Gigaset QuickSync 4.0 can also be used to create a small slideshow in little or no time and load it on the phone, transforming the Gigaset display into an electronic picture frame. The stored photos can also be used as screensavers for the handset.
Other big trends DuBravac sees for 2011 include the incorporation of Internet capabilities into a wide range of devices, from televisions to printers, and the spread of specialized applications, or "apps," from smart phones and tablets to everything from digital cameras to electronic picture frames.

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