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digital billboard

A large electronic display system. Using LEDs, digital billboards increasingly replace static electronic and printed signs, which require replacement or manual effort to change. Entirely computer controlled, digital billboards can display images, video and animation. They can also entirely change their message, promoting goods and services for several advertisers from the same display system. See LED.

More Than 200 Feet Across
Daktronics is the world's leader in electronic signage, and this 40x220-foot LED display at Sports Authority Field for the Denver Broncos has 952 lines of LED resolution. (Image courtesy of Daktronics,

Times Square Spectaculars
Lit by huge LED signs that span 40 to 80 feet and rent for hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, Times Square "Spectaculars" are dazzling. The pixel diameters range from 16 to 25mm.
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That s the light we see in applications from traffic lights and electronic signage to camera flashes and vehicle headlights.
Looking ahead; Magnify Signs is excited to introduce new technology that will enhance ability to create "custom" signage, expand capabilities with lobby signs for various business environments and launch new electronic signage products.
With up to 50,000 journeys a day being made through the two tunnels, the company that operates them, TT2 Limited, felt the facility's electronic signage was a great way of reinforcing the message after discussions with campaign group Fresh North East.
As part of the strategic partnership with the Denver Broncos, Westrock Coffee will advertise on the electronic signage system throughout Sports Authority Field at Mile High stadium during every Broncos home game.
I have used this section just twice in the last three months and while the traffic flows better than before, there is an element of confusion on the overhead electronic signage.
It is also known as narrowcasting or electronic signage.
The electronic signage panel of the Essence by VingCard offers a higher degree of flexibility in design, as well as the ability to add guest-facing in-room features such as "Do Not Disturb (DND) and "Make Up Room" (MUR) notifications to hotel staff.
As a part of the partnership, Marley Coffee will receive advertising time on the Broncos' Stadium Vision electronic signage system throughout Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium during every Broncos pre- and regular season home game, including two 15-second commercial spots during network timeouts.
The updated work schedule shows that Capital Concrete Construction plans to finish building two of the four viaducts being replaced next year; to install electronic signage near the tunnel; and to complete final paving and striping of the roadway.
One thing we learned from last year is electronic signage really made an impact," Cauley said.
Several opportunities to expand business via 4COP license, installing approved electronic signage, etc.
Temporary electronic signage will be provided on the main roads to alert motorists if parking slots are full so that they can move to other parking areas such as those in The Dubai Mall, and provide express shuttle bus service for visitors to the mall.

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