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1. an electronic device worn, usually on the wrist or ankle, by an offender serving a noncustodial sentence, which monitors the offender's whereabouts by means of a link to a central computer through the telephone system
2. a brief quotation, esp one in a foreign language
3. the contrastingly coloured tip to an animal's tail
4. Angling a strand of tinsel, wire, etc., tied to the body of an artificial fly
5. Slang a graffito consisting of a nickname or personal symbol


1. a children's game in which one player chases the others in an attempt to catch one of them who will then become the chaser
2. denoting or relating to a wrestling contest between two teams of two wrestlers, in which only one from each team may be in the ring at one time. The contestant outside the ring may change places with his team-mate inside the ring after touching his hand


(computer science)
A unit of information used as a label or marker.
The symbol written in the location field of an assembly-language coding form, and used to define the symbolic address of the data or instruction written on that line.


1. In roofing, a sheet-metal strip which is folded over and used as a wedge for holding metallic sheeting in a masonry joint.
2. A temporary sign, usually attached to a piece of equipment or part of a structure, to warn of existing or potential hazards.


(language, text)
An SGML, HTML, or XML token representing the beginning (start tag: "<p ...>") or end (end tag: "</p>") of an element. In normal SGML syntax (and always in XML), a tag starts with a "<" and ends with an ">".

In HTML jargon, the term "tag" is often used for an "element".


(1) To select an element by clicking or tapping.

(2) A format code used in a document language. See tagged text, HTML tag, character tag and paragraph tag.

(3) See RFID tag and smart tags.

(4) A set of bits or characters that identifies various conditions about data in a file and is often found in the header records of such files. This type of tag identifies the entire file, and the tags occupy predefined locations in the header rather than embedded throughout the file.

(5) A name (label, mnemonic) assigned to a data structure, such as a field or record. See XML document.

(6) A descriptive field in a music or video file. See ID3 tag.

(7) A field that identifies the contents of a data record. See key field.

(8) A brass pin on a terminal block that is connected to a wire by soldering or wire wrapping.

(9) An identifier of topics. See hashtag.
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With just a click, the luggage information on your mobile app can then be sent via Bluetooth to the suitcase equipped with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag.
McDonald has had two months knocked off his sentence by agreeing to wear an electronic tag round the clock.
He was able to slip off his electronic tag at least five times and leave his home.
Talking at the launch of his book 'Mourinho', the Portuguese said: "I am happy I don't have an electronic tag.
He was jailed for six months on May 20, but it was thought he would only serve eight weeks and be released early, around July 15, with an electronic tag to monitor movements.
Mark, of North Shields, was found guilty of driving while disqualified and was given a curfew order and ordered to wear an electronic tag.
A RUGBY teenager was cleared of robbing a man seven times in one day after an electronic tag he was wearing gave him an alibi.
MAGISTRATES ruled that an electronic tag being worn by a lottery winner should be re-activated and a curfew re-imposed.
Summary: A former royal butler who was convicted of assault is being allowed to remove his electronic tag so he can perform his duties after dark.
He had repeatedly breached his curfew order and even removed the electronic tag that was supposed to restrict his movements.
Yesterday, the Evening Telegraph revealed a foster father from Keresley was left in despair after a persistent young Coventry offender ripped off his electronic tag and vanished.
The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is the first digital and fully integrated mobility solution.

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