electrostatic filter

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electrostatic precipitator

A device installed in flues, and the like, to prevent smoke and dust particles from escaping to the atmosphere; the particles are given an electric charge as they pass through a charged screen; then they are attracted to one of two electrically charged plates through which they pass; from time to time they are removed from the plates.
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Second, the next-generation Auto Rolling Filter keeps the projectors almost dust-free by detecting any reduction in air flow and automatically advancing clean electrostatic filter material over the air intake port when needed.
The "Electrostat" product line, including lightweight, heavy weight and HEPA grade electrostatic filter media, is a recent development from All Felt Products, Ontario, CA.
The electrostatic filter techniques used in the CleanPOINT achieve significant particle reductions and unlike conventional filters do so with only a small drop in pressure across the filter.
Contract notice for Delivery of the electrostatic filter.
The tabletop model features a high-efficiency electrostatic filter with a carbon prefilter.
Absorventes Brazil to produce san pro Fabriano Soft SPA formed in Italy Fameccanica/Faidata merge Freudenberg stops Lantor acquisition Freudenberg introduces hydroentangling line Freudenberg expands electrostatic filter line Georgia Pacific expands pulp production Globe to open new fine denier plant Himont opens PP plant Hobbs increases capacity Hobbs opens NJ plant Hoechst starts bicomponent spunbond production Hoechst adds fifth superabsorbent production line Honshu expands air laid production IFAI expo held October 3-5 in Phoenix, AZ IDEA '92 Nonwoven Exposition held November 17-19 in
The tabletop unit features three speeds, an electrostatic filter and carbon pre-filter.
a segment of the nonwovens industry with great potential in Japan, electrostatic filter materials rely primarily on melt blown technology; at least nine companies are involved in this high-tech segment
250 mg / m the new value of 20 mg / m) - technology with electrostatic filter flue (the supply of integrated electrostatic filter including switchboards, cabling, additional required components and installation equipment), installation of the steel structures for the newly installed electrostatic precipitator in the lobby of the heating plant, new floor with adequate strength for the electrostatic precipitator.
This nonwoven filter represents an optimum combination of electrostatic filter effect and mechanical action.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Commissioning Of Fume Killer Electrostatic Filter With Adjustable Arm Swiveling 360 Degree As Per Technical Specification And Special Conditions Of M And P With Camc Enclosed.
The tabletop unit features three speeds, a electrostatic filter and carbon pre-filter.
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